What Happened To The Guy Who Punched Snooki?

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was infamously punched in the face by a man named Bradley Ferro during a season one episode of Jersey Shore, but where is that man today?

Years after the dramatic moment, in which Ferro shockingly punched Polizzi, who is quite tiny at just 4'8," for confronting him over a beer he allegedly stole from her at a New Jersey bar, we're learning that Ferro actually got dealt with some much-deserved karma from an opponent more near to his size.

Bradley Ferro Pleaded Guilty In Court

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According to a report from Newsday, Ferro, who hails from the Deer Park area of New Jersey, was faced with not only legal drama as a result of his disturbing behavior against Polizzi, but also a good dose of his own medicine.

After pleading guilty to his caught-on-camera punch, Ferro was reportedly knocked unconscious during a cage-style fight called Clash in the Cage.

As the outlet revealed, Ferro was allegedly hocked out by a man named Spencer Cook -- and it didn't take long to get him down.

Bradley Ferro Was Knocked Out In Under 30 Seconds

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During the fight, Ferro, who was quite due for some physical punishment for what he did to little Polizzi, was knocked out in less than 30 seconds. And, adding insult to injury, the entire thing played out on camera, just as his attack on Polizzi did in front of the many partygoers who witnessed the shocking encounter.

Although MTV captured the footage for Jersey Shore, they chose to blur out what exactly happened when the episode aired on December 17, 2009.

Bradley Ferro Was Sentenced To Six Months Behind Bars

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Following his August 19, 2009 encounter with Polizzi at the beaches of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, Ferro was arrested on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Months later, in November of that same year, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months in jail. However, because he didn't get arrested again, which the terms of his sentencing required, he didn't actually serve any time behind bars. Instead, the sentence was suspended and he was forced to pay a $500 fine.

Bradley Ferro Was Reportedly Working As A Gym Teacher

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Ferro, who was allegedly working as a gym teacher in Queens, New York, was also ordered to complete an anger management class due to the action he took against Polizzi.

Throughout her years on Jersey Shore, Polizzi was known to get quite wild on camera. However, no woman deserves to be punched for any reason. So, it's great to hear that Ferro was dealt, and faced, a number of consequences, both legal and otherwise, for what he did to the unassuming reality star.