'Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Chris Conran Admits To Disrespecting Jessenia Cruz

Chris Conran | Instagram

Lindsay Cronin

Following a controversial exit from ABC's Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Conran is taking ownership of his missteps on the seventh season of the hit reality show.

According to a report from Us Weekly magazine on September 10, Conran shared a lengthy statement on his Instagram Story in which he attempted to make things right with his fans and followers in regard to his behavior towards fellow contestant Jessenia Cruz.

“Finally watched the episode and I feel there are a few things that need to be said,” he began.

Chris Conran Reached Out To Jessenia Cruz Privately

Chris Conran | Instagram

"First and foremost, I take complete accountability for my blatant disrespect toward Jessenia, and handling the situation poorly,” he continued in the post, which was shared just one day after ABC aired his controversial and highly talked about exit from Bachelor in Paradise.

According to Conran, he reached out to Cruz privately “after getting home” from filming in order to offer her a proper apology but felt he also owed an explanation for his over the top behavior to his online audience.


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Chris Conran Self-Reflected After 'Bachelor In Paradise' Exit

Chris Conran | Instagram

"I would like to reiterate my sincerest apologies to her now,” Conran wrote. “My past behavior is not a reflection of who I am or who I want to be, and it was never my intention to maliciously or purposefully hurt anyone on the show.”

After his time on Bachelor in Paradise came to an end, Conran spent time self-reflecting.

“I’ve been doing work privately to work through my relationship & communication skills,” he continued. “I’m an awful communicator and I’m an extremely non-confrontational person. It’s something I’ve needed to fix and I’m glad it’s been brought to light.”

Chris Conran Ditched Jessenia Cruz For Alana Milne

Chris Conran | Instagram

On Tuesday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Conran was seen in a love triangle with Cruz and Alana Milne. And, while he appeared to have strong feelings with Cruz, he blew her off to attend an invite-only party with Milne thrown by guest host Tituss Burgess.

Following the diss, Cruz said in a confessional that Conran and Milne had history with one another and had actually hit it off during a trip to San Diego before they joined the ABC show.

Chris Conran Claims He Knew Both Women Before Joining 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Chris Conran | Instagram

"I entered Paradise with integrity,” Conran continued in his lengthy apology. “I was by no means in a relationship prior to the show. Nobody in the ‘San Diego crew’ was in a relationship beforehand. I hung out with both Alana and Jessenia in a group setting. I met both of them, and had the same reshow relationship prior to Paradise. [I was] flirty and excited to potentially see them on Paradise.”

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