The Best Relaxation Gifts For Stress-Relief

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Alexandra Lozovschi

With the ongoing global pandemic, mental health is now more important than ever. Since we're all striving to make stress management a priority, one great way to go about it is with a thoughtful gift to friends and family to help them unwind and bring some positivity into their life.

There are plenty of excellent ideas out there, so if you're looking to shop for relaxation here are a few tips to help you choose what works best. Treat yourself and the stressed-out people in your life with one of these items!

Aromatherapy Oils & Candles

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Nothing will ease tension faster than aromatherapy. While lavender essential oil is usually the classic choice, there are a variety of fragrances to delight your senses and promote stress relief. Rosemary, peppermint, lemon, and ylang-ylang are among the most inspired choices, according to Verywell Mind, so pick up your favorite and gift it or burn it in a diffuser.

As far as scented candles go, you can find loads that are already infused with essential oils, like this citrus-scented one on Amazon. For extra variety, go for a mixed set such as this one.

Electronic Massager

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Massage is another great way to keep tension at bay. If you're unable to book an appointment with a professional, either for yourself or a loved one, then an electronic massager is the next best thing. Take matters into your own hands and order one off Amazon! The MIGHTY BLISS Deep Tissue And Body Massager is perfect for both therapeutic massage and pain relief. If you prefer shiatsu, this model comes with soothing heat.

"There’s a variety of massagers out there, ranging from handheld models to vibrating chair attachments, and at all different price levels," says Verywell Mind.

Spa Products For The Tub

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Turn your tub into a personal home spa and melt the stress away with a good soak! For a truly authentic experience, invest in a waterproof massage mat such as SereneLife, which is designed to produce soothing spa bubbled.

Throw in a bath bomb that's made for relaxation and pick up a hydrating bubble bath.

For gift ideas, look into a gift set that offers the full spa experience. This lavender-scented one on Amazon comes with nine stress-relieving items, including shower gel, bubble bath, body butter, bath salt, and bath oil.

Stress-Management Books

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Books on stress management can be valuable allies for anyone struggling to loosen up and take a break from tension. There are tons of helpful titles out there that cater to all tastes and styles, most of them filled with precious advice you and your loved ones could benefit from.

One example is Mindfulness for Stress Management: 50 Ways to Improve Your Mood and Cultivate Calmness, which contains science-backed techniques for tackling many types of stress, including family, parenting, work, and life pressures.

Go here for a list of books you might want to check out.