'RHOBH' Stars Kyle Richards And Garcelle Beauvais Rehash Charity Drama

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Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais had a bit of a spat on Wednesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although the ladies had previously settled their feud over a late charity payment during a lunch date, Beauvais brought up the issue on the latest episode of the show while hosting a Haitian dinner party at her Los Angeles home.

While discussing the topic on the September 8 episode of the RHOBH: After Show, however, Beauvais admitted that she wasn't sure why she felt the need to bring it up.

Garcelle Beauvais 'Felt It' In the Moment

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After pointing out the way in which Richards had confronted her about her late payment to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion, rather than pull her aside privately, Beauvais said she was unsure what triggered her to rehash the issue during Wednesday's show.

"I don’t know. I think I just felt it in the moment," Beauvais explained.

In the moment, Richards had said that cast members should be honest with one another and confront one another right away, to their faces, when issues arise.

Kyle Richards Felt It Was A 'Cheap Shot'

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In Beauvais' opinion, Richards was being hypocritical in making the statement because she had waited to talk about their charity feud until the reunion. However, according to Richards, the charity team had attempted to reach out to Beauvais on a number of occasions, prior to the taping of the Bravo special.

"That was sort of a cheap shot because at our lunch, I really wanted to get past that and move on. We had no issues at all ever since we had that conversation at lunch. So that kind of comment was like, ‘Wait. What?’" Richards recalled of her season 11 tension with Beauvais.

Kyle Richards Claims Garcelle Beauvais Was Reached Out To Multiple Times

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Richards went on to note that there were "multiple attempts, via cell and email," to reach Beauvais, prior to the reunion.

"That’s not my job but then those people would come to me and I would say, ‘I don’t know what to tell you. This is the email and that’s the cell. So I don’t know what else to do.' She wasn’t speaking to me and we were not on good terms. I’m very honest to people’s faces. I’m honest behind their backs. I’ve been accused of things over the years but not being honest is not one of them," Richards added.

Kathy Hilton Advises Women On How To Move Forward

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When asked how Richards and Beauvais should move forward from the issue, Kathy Hilton had some advice.

"I think being honest and talking about it, whether it's in private or in front of the group. I think Garcelle likes Kyle very much and I think [Kyle] likes Garcelle. I’ve seen them progress and it’s very nice because I like Garcelle very much," she shared.

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