Brielle Biermann Shows Double Jaw Surgery Recovery From Hospital

Brielle Biermann close up
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Reality star Brielle Biermann is sharing intense hospital bed photos after undergoing double jaw surgery. The 24-year-old Don't Be Tardy star is fresh from an Instagram update taking fans through her current ordeal, one coming as a recovery one after she went under the knife to correct her TMJ and an overbite.

On Monday, Brielle updated with shots of herself lying back post-surgery, with a strong confirmation made that the op wasn't for aesthetic reasons. Brielle is also eating through a syringe as she recovers.

Sharing Intense Hospital Photos

Brielle Biermann bikini selfie

Scroll for the snaps. The TMJ joint Brielle Biermann was operated on is the one permitting the jaw to open and close. Addressing fans, the blonde wrote:

"Sooooo… i had double jaw surgery on august 23 to correct my tmj & 9 mm overjet overbite. this was NOT for aesthetics but for quality of life."

Photos showed Biermann in a green hospital gown and with clear bruising around her jaw as she lay with an oxygen tube affixed to her nose, plus monitors around her. She also shared a selfie of herself all tubed up and with protecting white cushioning around her jaw.

See The Photos Below

Explaining what life was like before the op, the star continued: "I sucked my thumb til i was 9 ishhh which made the roof of my mouth suuuuuper narrow and my excessive overbite cause my teeth to have no contact whatsoever. have you ever thought about what it’s like to not be able to bite into pizza? or omg trying to bite into an onion on a burger?"

Brielle admitted she was "so scared" and "dreading" the surgery as she feared "for the worst." More after the photos.

Getting Through The 'Hardest'

Brielle Biermann on outdoor couch

The bikini bombshell, who thanked staff at Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, GA, confirmed she's been getting "thru the first two weeks," ones supposed to be "the hardest." The influencer added:

"Honestly, who at 24 years old wants to look like they did in middle school again? not me! I was told in august 2020 if i did not get braces and get this surgery i would crack my back 4 teeth and never be able to eat again by the time i was 27 so i really had no option…"

Soups, Smoothies, Eating Through Syringe

Brielle Biermann is now counting down the days until she can eat pasta and soft foods. She joked "3 months" until pizza!"

"Eating thru a syringe has really sucked now im on to baby spoons and soups or smoothies thru a cup but it’s still difficult," she told fans. The star also confirmed now weighing 122 pounds after shedding 13 pounds since the op - she said she feels like a "twig and have lost my -ss. Anyone know when I can hit the gym? Lol," she added.