'Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City': Meredith Marks Addresses Jen Shah's Arrest Rumors

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Meredith Marks and Mary Cosby faced rumors of potentially leaking Jen Shah's location to the feds after a sneak peek at the upcoming second season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City raised questions about Shah's controversial arrest.

Months after Shah was taken into custody on charges of fraud and money laundering, Marks is speaking out about the controversial moment filmed for the show and addressing the possibility of being involved in the incarceration of her controversial Bravo castmate.

Meredith Marks Is Versed In Law

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During an interview with E! News on September 8, Marks said that it is likely her knowledge of the law that led people to assume she was involved.

"I'm not a practicing lawyer, I never have been a practicing lawyer but I am a licensed lawyer and I do have the background and the education. So I think in some ways my knowledge of the law might have lead people to believe that I knew more about this situation than they did or than the general public did I guess," Marks shared.

Meredith Marks Denies Involvement In Jen Shah's Arrest

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"I don't really know. But these things happen over time and this was a federal investigation. It's not something that happens over night, everything takes a long time with this. I guess you'll have to see how it all unfolds," Marks continued.

While Marks played coy at first in regard to Shah's arrest, she eventually set the record straight in regard to whether or not she ratted out her castmate.

"For the record I can say that I did not have anything to do with Jen's arrest," she confirmed.

Meredith Marks Was Shocked By Jen Shah's Arrest

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Marks may not have turned Shah in, but that doesn't exactly mean they're on good terms. Still, when it comes to Shah's arrest, Mark was taken by surprise.

"Look, that's shocking to hear about anyone," she admitted. "First of all even if you think someone might be doing something that's not legal or whatever else, you just don't imagine them getting arrested that day, you know what I'm saying? So of course it's shocking. You're just like, 'Oh my gosh, what just happened?!'"

Meredith Marks Shares Thoughts On Jennie Nguyen

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When Marks was then asked about the new housewife, Jennie Nguyen, she said the newbie got her feet wet immediately.

"There was no holding back so she definitely found her space," Marks laughed. "It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds with Jennie because it's a new dynamic, there were a lot of new relationships for her and of course the dynamics of the whole group seemed to have shifted quite a bit."

To see more of Marks and her cast mates, don't miss the season two premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, which airs on Sunday, September 12, at 9/8c on Bravo.