Miley Cyrus Impresses Celebs In Silver Bikini Top

Miley Cyrus close up

Miley Cyrus is getting the thumbs-up from her famous friends as she stuns in a skimpy metallic bikini top. The 28-year-old singer is fresh from performing live at BottleRock 2021, with photos and videos on her Instagram delighting her 144 million followers.

Posting a batch from her stage appearances today, the former Hannah Montana star showed off her new rocker edge, with a silver swimwear look coming complete with matching elbow gloves and super-chic dark pants. Check out the photos and videos below.

It's BottleRock Time

Miley Cyrus home with her dogs

Scroll for the photos. Cyrus kicked off the event in Napa, CA this year by stepping out on stage in her statement look. The "Midnight Sky" hit-maker made it a fun-filled night as she was photographed in high-waisted and tapered black pants, with a revealing silver bikini top showing off her ripped abs and super-toned shoulders - of course, the famous tattoos were also visible.

Stunning fans with her blonde hair and going chunky via necklace jewelry, Miley even tugged a little at her pants for a little sex appeal while on stage.

See The Photos Below

The daughter of Billy-Ray Cyrus, who performed some of her best-known tracks including "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop," also included some covers, not limited to Blondie and Jani Joplin. The new Gucci face apologized for her stage absence during the pandemic, saying she'd not been able to tour for a year and a half.

The photos and videos have now been attracting celebrity attention on Miley's Instagram, with 30-year-old Netflix star Jamie Lynn Spears and country singer Maren Morris leaving likes. More photos below.

Scroll For The Video

Miley captioned one video: "BS is done with the BS!" as she thrilled the crowd. Meanwhile, another video brought in a like from TikTok star Addison Rae. The performance also comes as Miley makes headlines for some major bathroom action - both in a bathrobe and with a hiked-up leg from a tub while fully clothed.

Cyrus is now fronting wellness brand Hers, bringing stunning bathrobe promos as she earns herself yet more cash. Scroll for the bathrobe after the video.

New Face Of Hers

Miley ditched her scruffy appearance for a decidedly girly finish this month as she announced her partnership with Hers. Posing in a towel turban and low-cut bathrobe and from a tiled bathroom, the "Prisoner" singer told fans:

"Everything in my life is custom! Including my skincare with @Hers 🤍 Connect with a skin expert online and get a custom Rx cream (if prescribed) delivered to your own bath tub!"

That was enough to impress "Sweetener" singer and collaborator Ariana Grande, who sent a like.