5 Workouts You Can Do In 5 Minutes

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Sometimes you don't have 30 minutes or a full hour to work out, and that's okay. Hectic work schedules and family responsibilities can make it tricky to carve out time to train as often as you'd like. Luckily, there are some exercises that only require a few minutes and will still allow you to get a good sweat in and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Below you'll find a few highly effective workouts that you can complete in five minutes tops. As an added bonus, you can do these exercises anytime, anywhere, at the beginning or at the end of your workday -- and even when you're on vacation, traveling!

5-Minute Cardio Workout

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Poosh, the lifestyle platform owned by Kourtney Kardashian, swears by one particular cardio workout that will help you jumpstart your day. The five-minute workout comprises five different moves, which you can complete in 45 seconds each and still have 15 seconds to rest in between.

Begin the routine with inchworm squat jumps -- it's a great full-body move that "really helps get you started in this quick burst of cardio," says Poosh.

Move on to close squats to wide squat jumps -- this jump sequence will help you work on your legs -- then follow up with bear crawls. The final two moves are lateral slides with forward hop and jumping jack and tuck jump.

Watch the video below for the full workout!

5-Minute Routine for Your Toughest Trouble Spots

This next five-minute workout is specifically designed to target the toughest trouble spots you might be looking to sculpt, such as love handles, saddlebags, and weak arms. Poosh recommends this workout in the morning, noting that it will help you feel accomplished and start the day just right.

Prepare for a serious grind, as this workout also includes five separate moves that will make you work up a sweat. Here are the moves, in order: plié elbow crunches, spider push-ups, side plank dips, dip reach, and quick feet to jump squat.

Watch fitness expert Astrid Swan perform the workout in the clip below!

5-Minute Plank Routine For A Flatter Stomach

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Get enviable abs with this plank combination routine that will strengthen and tighten your core. The result? A leaner, flatter stomach that will have you wearing crop tops all the time!

The routine incorporates four "muscle-burning" moves that start from a plank position: plank dips, plank shoulder taps, jumping jack plank, and wide mountain climber.

According to Poosh, this five-minute workout can be scheduled either in the morning or before bedtime if you want "to start (or end) your day with a challenge."

Watch the video below to learn how to do it!

5-Minute Routines For A Stronger Core

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For a short but intense core workout, give this three-move routine a try.

The first thing on the list is V ups, for which you need to lie down on your back. Make sure to keep your legs hovering above the floor and your hands behind your head, and lift up into a “V” position.

Next-up is the drawbridge exercise, which will also require you to create a "V" with your body, except this time around you'll be lying sideways with your legs stacked. Finish off with some wipers and you're done!

"These moves may be quick, but you’ll certainly feel the burn and break a much-needed sweat," assures Poosh.

According to the lifestyle blog, the core-centered five-minute workout is indicated "for a balanced afternoon," so use your work break productively and get moving! The video below will give you extra clarity on what and how to do.

5-Minute Arm Workout With A 1-Pound Weight

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A good arm workout is just as important as training your core -- and lifting weights is the best way to go about it. In the video below, certified yoga and Pilates instructor Melissa Wood-Tepperberg demonstrates an extensive five-minute workout that will help you sculpt your arms using a one-pound weight.

"This is the perfect exercise if you’re starting to slowly ease back into a regular fitness schedule," says Poosh.

This rotation is made up of nine moves, starting with a breathing warm-up that leads to some half-circle arm pulses and an **upper chest pulse, followed by a hand-to-ceiling lift.

Once that part is done, continue with a front-to-back arm extension and some tricep extensions, then move on to weighted circular arm pulses. Lastly, perform some side-to-side arm extenders and finish off with a weighted arm stretch.

Check the video below for inspiration!