Lisa Rinna Impresses Upside-Down In Pantless Beauty Promo

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Rebecca Cukier

Lisa Rinna is impressing her 2.9 million Instagram followers while upside-down and wearing only a tight bodysuit and pantyhose. The 58-year-old Bravo star and Rinna Beauty founder isn't backing down when it comes to promoting her 2020-dropped cosmetics brand, with a fresh post seeing her ushering in a new Lip Kit.

Lisa's Lip Kits, which retail for $45, already boast celebrity fans including talk show host Kelly Ripa. This photo seemed out to get everyone shopping Rinna Beauty. Check it out below.

It's Rinna Beauty Time

Shutterstock | 842245

Scroll for the photo. Lisa was 57 when she launched her brand, one she wants to grow into a "lifestyle" one. Current shades include Birthday Suit and No Apologies, but there's a new kid on the block. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's post was introducing Sasha - who is, per Lisa, pure "fire."

The photo showed Lisa on a carpeted floor and resting her legs up against a wall while sporting a green and long-sleeved bodysuit, plus black tights flashing her toned legs.

See The Snap Below

The mom of two, who proved mighty popular in the comments section, also flaunted her plump pout in the deep-stained lipstick she was promoting, with a caption encouraging fans to shop. Lisa told her followers:

"Meet Sasha: She’s pure 🔥 Shop the newest Rinnabeauty Lip Kit now at" The post quickly gained a like from Netflix star Jamie Lynn Spears, with Bravo face Dorit Kemsley sending three fire emoji. Rinna Beauty, meanwhile, replied: "She's fabulous!" See more photos after the snap.

On Building Her Brand

Lisa, not alone in retailing Lip Kits - but proving mogul Kylie Jenner doesn't hold exclusive rights to the name - has opened up on launching a brand in her late 50s. Likewise, on just how determined she's been to get the whole thing going. Speaking to Allure ahead of the launch last year, Rinna revealed:

"I first wanted to do it... I would say at least 10 years ago, maybe even more. I kept getting close to finding the right partner, the right cosmetic company to work with."

Didn't Give Up

The former Melrose Place actress, adding that it didn't exactly go to plan, continued:

"Every single time, it fell through. The deal didn't work. Something happened. And that was, like, five times. I'm not even kidding. I felt like, "Gosh, maybe I'm not supposed to do it. Maybe I'm supposed to concentrate on clothes." But in the back of my mind, I was like, "I'm not going to give up. I'm just not." I never take no for an answer, and here we are."