Bethenny Frankel Shows Her Real Self In Stretchy Underwear

Rebecca Cukier

Bethenny Frankel is impressing fans in mismatched and sporty underwear as she braves going fully unfiltered at 50. The Real Housewives of New York City alum, now a talking point for new HBO Max show The Big Shot With Bethenny, has been keeping it real on Instagram as she spreads body positivity, with a recent post seeing the star stripped down to her undies and showing fans what real is.

While the post celebrated National Shapewear Day, it also came with a business advantage for Frankel.

Raw And Unfiltered

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Scroll for the photo. Bethenny had bravely posed makeup-free and from a stylish and muted accent bedroom. Backed by a wood-framed bed, tripod furnishings, and sash windows, the star snapped herself for a quick selfie, and she was showing off the figure.

Wearing a reddish-pink pair of boy-short briefs from her Skinny Girl Brand shapewear, Bethenny teamed them with a plunging and thin-strapped black sports bra - also from the Skinnygirl beverage founder's shapewear brand. Hashtags of #zeroglam and #zerofilter were used as Bethenny took to her caption.


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See The Photo Below

Addressing her 2.3 million followers, Frankel opened: "If I were a “filterer” I would have gotten rid of my lines and my dark circles, but this is me at 50."

"Why do I mention this all the time? Because I think it’s important for young women to know that being flawed is truthful and real, and that filtering yourself into someone fictitious is actually damaging to girls’ and women’s self esteem. It’s courageous and beautiful to be real at any age," she added. More photos after the snap.

Admits Fake 'Sells'

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Seemingly very much aware that Hollywood fakery is what sells, the entrepreneur continued: "I realize that fake and filtered sells, but I’m happy over here with my followers who appreciate the difference.❤️ #NationalShapewearDay @skinnygirlbrand shapewear."

Over 93,000 likes have been left, with socialite Paris Hilton topping comments with her fire emoji. Media personality Maria Menounos also left a like, with fans saying: "Yay! Love this! Love your transparency!" Frankel was told she looks "beyond gorgeous" by one adoring follower. See her brand details below.

Not Just Kim K

Frankel, whose beverage brand is now a $100 million empire, is proving that the shapewear game isn't just for the likes of 40-year-old Kim Kardashian. Her website welcomes fans, announcing:

"With the launch of the Skinnygirl Jeanswear collection in September 2018, Skinnygirl has become more than a brand, but also an attitude that helps empower women to lead healthy lives and feel strong, honest and fearless."

Skinny Girl Brand boasts over 189,000 Instagram followers, claiming to offer "practical products for every girl."