NBA Rumors: Two Former All-Stars Linked To LA Lakers On Buyout Market

Rajon Rondo trying to score against the Clippers
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The LA Lakers were one of the most aggressive teams on the market in the 2021 offseason. After failing to defend their throne, they tried to fix the issues on their roster and build a better supporting cast around their superstar duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. With the additions of Russell Westbrook and other solid veteran role players to their roster, it's hardly surprising that the Lakers are once again considered as one of the heavy favorites to bring home the Larry O'Brien Trophy in the 2021-22 NBA season.

Rajon Rondo Could Return To Lakers

Rajon Rondo making plays for the Lakers
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However, the Lakers don't seem to be done yet in upgrading their roster. As of now, they continue to be linked to several veterans who are eyeing to contend for the NBA championship title next year. One of the players who is rumored to be interested in signing with the Purple and Gold is Rajon Rondo of the Memphis Grizzlies.

In a recent podcast, which is posted on Twitter, Ramona Shelburne of ESPN talked about several interesting topics, including the veterans who could fill the remaining spots on the Lakers' roster. Of all the buyout candidates, Shelburne revealed that Rondo is the "strongest candidate" to join the Lakers this summer.

Why A Return To Lakers Make Sense For Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo passing the ball
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Reuniting with James and Davis in Los Angeles would make a lot of sense for Rondo. The Grizzlies may have one of the promising young cores in the league, but they are still years away from contending for the NBA championship title. Instead of wasting another season mentoring young players, going back to the Lakers would give Rondo a realistic chance of reaching the NBA Finals and winning his third championship ring.

Rondo may no longer be in his prime, but he would still be a solid addition to the Lakers' second unit.

DeAndre Jordan Could Leave Nets For Lakers

DeAndre Jordan finding an open teammate
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Aside from Rondo, another buyout candidate who could join the Lakers as a free agent is DeAndre Jordan of the Brooklyn Nets.

"Another buyout candidate who I think you should watch for – and this is another one that’s a bit harder to see how it’s going to happen, OK? But DeAndre Jordan in Brooklyn – they are way over the luxury tax," Shelburne said, as quoted by NBC Sports. "I don’t think he would do a buyout there. I think, if he doesn’t play at all or depending how he fits there, this would be more of a midseason thing, probably."

Nets No Longer Need DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan surveying the court
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There's indeed a strong chance for Jordan to become a free agent this summer. With the emergence of Blake Griffin and Nicolas Claxton in Brooklyn, most people believe that Jordan's service is no longer needed in Brooklyn. In a recent article, Alex Schiffer of The Athletic confirmed that Jordan's days with the Nets are already numbered.

Though he doesn't know his "exit route," Schiffer believes that Jordan wouldn't be part of the Nets' roster when the 2021-22 NBA season starts in October.