Savannah Chrisley Reveals Terrifying Face Accident On Instagram

Rebecca Cukier

Savannah Chrisley today bravely shared footage of a painful-looking accident she suffered after attempting a beauty hack. The 24-year-old reality star and SASSY by Savannah cosmetics founder updated her stories on Thursday, posting for her 2.2 million Instagram followers and revealing that a scalpel had been involved.

Savannah has had her fans honing in on her face of late, even accusing her of getting Botox and fillers. This photo showed the Chrisley Knows Best star cares about her appearance - and she's willing to show when things go wrong.

'Do Not Try'


Savannah's photo came as a selfie and from a garage. Lighting was poor, but the blonde was clearly seen with a band-aid on her chin as she posed in a green sporty top and with her hair down. Looking ahead as she highlighted the sore spot, the Georgia native wrote:


"SLIPPED AND CUT MY FACE...FREAKED OUT," she wrote, then thanking Dr JAcob Unger for being "awake." A cry-face emoji kept things light.

Dermaplaning Trend

Savannah had been attempting beauty trend dermaplaning. Per Healthline, dermaplaning is a "cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin. The procedure aims to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin’s surface look smooth."

The procedure targets making the skin's "surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. This treatment claims to remove deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin. It’s also used to remove “peach fuzz,” the short, soft hairs on your face."

Rising Beauty Mogul


Savannah is now running a rising empire thanks to December 2020-launched SASSY, a makeup brand that kicked off with a $14 Eye Kit, $12 Lip Kit, and $22 Full Face Palette. Savannah announced "insane" numbers of sales within weeks of the launch and is now selling makeup brushes - she's even teased a skincare line, plus asked fans for their input on fragrances.

"Sassy... lively, bold, and full of spirit. Sassy is a nickname that was given to me by my brother Chase," Savannah writes on her website.

Wanted Makeup To Be Affordable

Savannah, raised in wealth by 52-year-old real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and wife Julie, has outlined that \(not\) factored into her branding. Also aiming for inclusivity, the influencer adds:

"I have always been a lover of ALL things beauty. I have also been passionate about for the cause of empowering young girls to become strong, confident and beautiful in their own right. I learned from an early age that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, sizes, and age. My brand will first and foremost be inclusive and attainable to all."