5 Tailgate Party Essentials from ABC's 'Shark Tank'

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Tailgate party season is in full swing, so you might be wondering how to throw the perfect blowout. Fortunately, Shark Tank has seen it all and has everything you need for the perfect outdoor feast.

Get ready to shout "I should have thought of that!" about Tailgate N Go -- the ultimate tool for the perfect tailgate party! This ingenious invention, which was unveiled during Season 11, Episode 5 of the ABC hit series, is a portable outdoor kitchen and dry box that will cover all of your cooking needs.

It's got a folding workbench table complete with a burner stove and a collapsible sink. The set also comes with a Pitboss and Kuuma grill, a grease and splash guard, and a Blackstone griddle, and is equipped with a cutting board and a filet board. And let's not forget about the condiment and bottle shelving!

Here are four more tailgate party essentials, as seen on Shark Tank.

Radiate Portable Campfire

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You can't cook without fire and that's where Radiate Portable Campfire. This sizzling invention from Bryan Cantrell and Brent Davidson brings you the power of flames with "no ember" and "no hassle."

The Radiate portable campfire is made out of a recycled soy wax blend scattered with recycled paper briquettes. All you need to do is light them up with a match or lighter and you'll have a fire going in no time! When you're done making s'mores, simply use the box lid to snuff out the fire.

Added bonus: there's no need to clean up, as this invention leaves no trash, coals, or burnt wood behind.

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Kanga Coolers

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Besides a good fire, the secret to an epic tailgate party is ice. Meet the Kanga Coolers, a line of iceless insulating cases that can keep your drinks cool without adding bulk and for a lower cost than regular coolers.

All great ideas are born out of necessity, and that's also true for these stylish beverage coolers. According to Shark Tank Tales, the product traces its origins back to a tailgate party in Clemson, South Carolina.

While the original idea was to make an individual can insulator, the company founded by Logan LaMance now makes insulating cases for six-packs, 12-packs, 24-packs, and even 30-packs.

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Cooking outdoors comes with its own set of challenges, and PicnicPal is here to eliminate most of them. This fully enclosed food tent will protect your meal from insects and outdoor elements (wind, dust, allergens), keeping your food safe and fresh.

Formerly known as Dura Tent, the product is made out of easy-to-wash mesh that straps to the table and has a Velcro door latch that won't let anything in or out unless you want to.

"Every opening is covered from every angle. You don’t have to worry about food blowing away," says Shark Tank Products.

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Pick-Up Pools

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Make a splash at the next blowout by rolling in in your very own Pick-Up Pool. Perfect for tailgate parties, music festivals, camping, or your backyard, this is the pool "that goes where you go." Simply choose the style and size that best fits your pick-up truck and get your swim on, all in the comfort of your own ride.

Invented by military man Tommy Prestella, these vinyl pools for your pick-up are a heavenly soak compared to the makeshift models that people tend to fabricate out of leaky tarp.

According to Shark Tank Blog, Prestella came up with the idea in the summer of 2014 while stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas.

"If our pools are tough enough to survive a war-zone, then they're tough enough to survive your next tailgate party," states the company's website.

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