George Conway Twitter Lights Up After He Defends Afghanistan Withdrawal

Lawyer George Conway looks on.
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President Joe Biden's decision is final: The United States will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by August 31, after spending 20 years trying to build a functional government in the country.

Members of the press and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have pointed to the hectic evacuation process as evidence that Biden is bungling the withdrawal in an unprecedented way.

According to lawyer George Conway, the husband of former Trump administration official Kellyanne Conway, the fall of the Afghan government was inevitable and Biden is not to blame.

George Conway Twitter

George Conway took to Twitter over the weekend to defend Biden.

Responding to a video meant to show that thousands are struggling to leave Afghanistan despite being on evacuees lists, Conway argued that there was nothing Biden and the U.S. government could have done to ensure a smooth evacuation of American allies from the war-torn country, which is now being controlled by the Taliban.

"If only we had started evacuations earlier … we would have had this earlier," he wrote in tweet, which received thousands of likes and shares.

Conway's Twitter Thread

In the second tweet of his mini Twitter thread, Conway addressed the suggestion that the fall of Afghanistan's capital Kabul is worse than the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam wore.

Responding to CNN host Jake Tapper -- who has repeatedly slammed Biden for withdrawing the troops -- Conway tweeted the following.

"And about the claims that Kabul today is worse than the fall of Saigon: That may be so, but you do have to wonder how 1975 would have looked with 24/7 instantaneous hi-def satellite news coverage, ubiquitous smart phone cameras, and social media."

Conway Tweets In Defense Of Biden

In the third and final post of his Twitter thread, Conway conceded that withdrawal perhaps could have been handled more competently, but stressed that it would have looked ugly to the American public no matter what.

"None of this is to say that what happened here was great, or couldn't have been ameliorated to some extent in hindsight or with foresight," the lawyer tweeted.

"But many people are overlooking how much chaos necessarily results from the collapse of a country at the end of a war," he added.

Biden Is Under Pressure

President Joe Biden speaks at a news conference.
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Biden has faced intense pressure to reverse his decision and stop the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

At a press conference on Friday, multiple reporters grilled the president, asking whether his decision will have a global impact and demanding an explanation as to why U.S. intelligence services failed to predict the rapid fall of the Afghan government.

Polling suggests that Biden's approval rating took a minor hit after he decided to withdraw the troops, but it remains unclear if the move will have a significant impact on his chances of winning reelection in 2024.