Over-The-Top 'Shark Tank' Products For Pawsitively Pampered Pets

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Alexandra Lozovschi

With Shark Tank's much-awaited Season 13 premiere nearly upon us, let's take a look at some of the buzzworthy products featured on the popular ABC series in the past.

Today's focus is pets and their pampering needs, something which holds top priority in the life of any cat or dog owner.

These extravagant yet inexpensive items will make the purrfect gift for your fur baby and grant them the comfort and luxury they rightly deserve for a modest price. A pawsitive bargain!

Cat Wine Pawty Pack

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Nothing says kitty class like some fine catnip wine. Luckily, the Pet Wine Shop has everything you need in its Cat Wine Pawty Pack -- a collection of four feline-friendly beverages inspired by famous wines.

The pack includes Pinot Meow (or Meowlot), MosCATo, White Kittendel, and Catbernet, all of which are developed from all-natural ingredients and are "designed to entice classy cat into playtime," according to the company's website.

Manufactured by Apollo Peak Pet Wine, this sophisticated liquid catnip blend is the brainchild of entrepreneur Brandon Zavala and was featured on Shark Tank in 2016, per CNBC. Made out of 100 percent organic catnip -- and zero alcohol! -- this fancy drink can be yours (or rather your cat's) for under $20 a set!


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Walkee Paws Dog Leggings

Have your pup walking in style with Walkee Paws! Featured on Season 12 Episode 15 of Shark Tank, this company founded by Lisa Barnoff has invented the world's first dog leggings -- and, honestly, we're not sure how we're managed to get by without them.

These doggy leggings come in a variety of styles and sizes -- with hip, adorable prints such as camo, pirate, tartan, and colorful polka dots -- and are specifically created to protect your puppy's paws from rain, snow, germs, and even broken glass and other "ruff stuff outside."

They have an over-the-back design that makes them easy to put on and are made from four-way stretch fabric that will make ensure your canine companion can move about freely. Not to mention their waterproof booties, which will keep paws dry and safe. All of this for just under $40!

Pooch Selfie Smartphone Accessory

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Up your selfie game and take the perfect snaps of yourself and your pet pooch with Pooch Selfie. This tennis ball attachment unveiled during [Season 10 Episode 16] of Shark Tank is easily fitted onto your smartphone case and will conveniently captivate your pup's attention, keeping their eyes fixed on the camera while you take the shot. No more blurred pics or awkward poses!

At just $10 a pop, this glorious invention by Jason Hernandez allows you to capture the absolute best selfies with your dog. It also works for perfect pictures of the pack. Bonus: the tennis ball is squeaky for maximum engagement and it's removable, so you can play around with your pup after the photo session!

Dog Threads

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There's no bigger love statement you can make for your dog than dressing up in matching outfits. Luckily, Dog Threads has thought of this, and we're pawfully glad they did!

This family company, founded by husband and wife Scott and Gina Davis, makes fashionable outfits that allow "cool dog parents" to twin with their pet pooches. The company was featured on Season 11, Episode 7 of Shark Tank, where it got a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban.

Dog Threads' stylish dog apparel costs just $38 and will have you and your four-legged friend looking fabulous. Even Justin Bieber is a fan!