NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Players Recognize Jalen Hurts As A 'Franchise QB'

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When they selected him as the No. 53 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Jalen Hurts was only viewed as the third-string quarterback on the Philadelphia Eagles roster. However, Hurts worked hard to improve every aspect of his game. In his rookie year, he won the primary backup position against Nate Sudfeld and was named as the starting quarterback in the final weeks of the 2020 NFL season.

Most people believe that Hurts' impressive performance in his rookie year played a major role in the Eagles' decision to trade Carson Wentz this summer.

Jalen Hurts Earning The Respects Of His Teammates

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Though he's just entering his second season in the NFL, Hurts is already starting to earn the respect of his teammates in the City of Brotherly Love. On Twitter, Jordan Schultz of ESPN revealed that Eagles' players already see Hurts as a "franchise QB."

"There is a fast-growing sentiment among #Eagles’ players that Jalen Hurts is undoubtedly the franchise QB," Schultz said. "His work ethic, intangibles and overall skill level have captured the entire locker room. Players I’ve spoken with are consistently blown away by Hurts - on/off the field."

Jalen Hurts Impresses In Preseason

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As of now, Hurts continues to prove that his final four games as the Eagles' starting quarterback last season wasn't a fluke. Hurts may have only played two series in the Eagles' 24-16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he managed to impress head coach Nick Sirianni with his performance.

Sirianni believes that Hurts, who completed three of seven pass attempts for 54 yards, handled the game well. Sirianni praised Hurts for making big plays on the offensive end and his ability to read the opposing team's defense.

Coach Nick Sirianni In No Rush To Name Jalen Hurts As Starting QB

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However, though he admitted that he was "really pleased" with his performance against the Steelers, Sirianni and his staff are yet to decide whether Hurts will be their starting quarterback for the 2021 NFL regular-season opener or not. Earlier this month, Sirianni said that there's no rush for them to make the decison.

“There’s just no rush there on having to do that,” Sirianni said, via NBC Sports. “We just want [Hurts] to continue to impress and show like he has. We’re just not there yet.”

Are The Eagles Still Considering Other Options At Starting QB Spot?

As of now, most people believe that Hurts would be the Eagles' starting quarterback when they face the Atlanta Falcons in their 2021 NFL regular-season opener. Hurts may be only entering his second season, but he's way better than the two other quarterbacks on the Eagles' roster - Joe Flacco and Nick Mullens. Sirianni and his staff may only be delaying the announcement to further push Hurts to improve his game.

However, though it's only minimal, there remains a possibility that the Eagles are still not yet 100 percent convinced that Hurts is the long-term answer to their starting quarterback position. In the past months, the Eagles continue to be linked to several quarterbacks who are rumored to be available on the trade market.