'RHOBH' Star Sutton Stracke On Not Wanting To Be Around Erika Jayne, Crystal Kung-Minkoff Drama

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Lindsay Cronin

Sutton Stracke is speaking out about the legal scandal her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mate, Erika Jayne, is currently facing.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight days ago, Stracke looked back on the moment Jayne suffered a bit of an emotional meltdown during a girls trip to La Quinta and shared her thoughts on the shocking Los Angeles Times article that was shared during their time their.

"The whole breaking of the fourth wall is, I think... well, speaking from last year, it got out of control and it just kept happening," Stracke stated.

Denise Richards Was First To Break The Fourth Wall

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According to Stracke, it was bizarre for her to see the lines between the camera crew and the cast get blurred.

"And as someone new, I didn't understand when it was like, stop, start, stop, start," she continued. "So this season that hadn't happened. So all of a sudden for that to happen again, it felt very dubious, and it was done in a very kind of nasty way, I felt like."

One year ago, during season 10, Denise Richards infamously began saying "Bravo" and cussing in an effort to make a scene in which she faced questions from her cast mates about an alleged affair unusable.

Sutton Stracke Felt She Should Distance Herself From Erika Jayne

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In a recently released preview for this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11, Stracke is seen telling her cast mates, "I'm not sure I want to be around Erika during this time."

"That looks harsh, doesn't it?" Stracke said when asked about the comment she made. "Because I think we're starting to hear more and more about this case, and I'm starting to get more and more uncomfortable, legally speaking. That was just my feeling."

Sutton Stracke Began To Lose Trust In Erika Jayne

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After admitting to reading the L.A. Times article three times, Stracke said the piece put things together for her.

"I say to all the girls, 'Trust is one of my biggest, it's a big thing for me,' and it's something that I work on in all of my relationships. Relationships with men, with anybody, with girlfriends. And so I really was feeling like Erika and I were building a trust in our relationship. And so, I think that's what's starting to tilt my head a little bit," she explained.

Sutton Stracke Has Reconciled With Crystal Kung-Minkoff

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Looking back at her drama with Kung-Minkoff, Stracke said she and her co-star have since called a "truce."

"Time kind of heals most wounds, and we had to come to a place where we were like white flags on both sides," she shared. "Just truce, because it was exhausting, and neither one of us wanted to continue to fight."

To see more of Stracke, Kung-Minkoff, and their cast mates, don't miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11, which are currently airing on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.