Venus Williams' Ab Workout Will Fire Up Your Core In Just 17 Minutes

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Venus Williams is known for her fierce dedication on the court, so it comes as no surprise that she pours the same kind of intense commitment into her fitness regimen. The 41-year-old tennis superstar recently shared a workout video as part of her #CoachVenus series on Instagram, revealing some of the secrets behind her fit, muscular physique.

In the clip, Williams demonstrated a 17-minute core burnout specifically designed to strengthen her abs and glutes, while also offering some useful pointers along the way. Check it out below!

Venus Williams' Take On Wellness & Why It's Important To Work The Core

Venus Williams | Instagram

The professional tennis player kicked off the video, which she filmed in her home gym, with her personal take on wellness, saying that, for her, the concept "is about pursuing your best self."

She also explained the importance of exercising the core muscles, which comprise both the abdominals and the glutes.

"Our core is not just the stomach," she said, "it's our lower back, it's our hips, it's so many more things that are stabilizing us."

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Venus Williams Starts Off Her Core Workout With A Glute Bridge Section

Venus Williams | Instagram

Clad in a baby-blue gym top and navy blue capris, Williams began her core workout with a series of glute exercises, which included double- and single-leg bridges.

Patiently taking her audience through each and every step, "Coach Venus" explained the moves help support the pelvis and lower back.

She followed up with an exercise for the inner thigh, detailing that she likes to work those muscles by doing kettlebell squats and using the cable machine.

Williams also revealed one trick she uses to keep her workouts fun and interesting.

"My kettlebells are all different colors so it makes it fun to pick up a different color every time you advance."

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Venus Williams 'Likes' Clamshells For A Good Glute Mead Burn

Venus Williams | Instagram

Williams' secret to a strong and stable core is working her glute mead muscles. In the video, she pointed out that the purpose of these exercises is to support the back and hamstring, as well as stabilize the knees.

She also recommended glute meads to anyone looking "to have really good-looking glutes," and performed a clamshell section as a demonstration.

"The reason why I like a clam, especially as a functional athlete [is] when you do that clam you're really figuring out how to get that muscle activated," she explained in the clip, noting that activating or "turning on" the muscles before exercising helps prevent injuries.

"That's why we're doing some of these functional exercises — even though they burn!"

Venus Williams' Closing Core Burnout Is Dumbbell Optional

Venus Williams | Instagram

Her 17-minute workout concluded with a series of dumbbell crunches, bicycle crunches, hollow holds, and Pilates 100s for a total core burnout.

"Y'all are doing well, keep it up," "Coach Venus" encouraged viewers who were working out alongside her.

"Don't forget your breath. Breathing helps energize our mind and our body, and, guess what? our muscles also need oxygen."

It's safe to say that Williams has her core workout down pat. While she showed off her pink dumbbell that "make it feel fun," she pointed out you don't necessarily need one for the exercise.

The athlete previously opened up about her fitness routine in a 2020 interview with Health, detailing her focus on abs.

"Lately I've been all about abs, and I love doing abs with weights," she said. "I will do weighted planks, sit-ups with weights, sit-ups on a pulling machine... anything you could think of with weights, I do it."