2009 NFL season in review: Green Bay Packers

With an 11-5 record it seems that the Green Bay Packers are well on the road to success. However, a wild card round shootout loss to the Arizona Cardinals by the score of 51-45 suggest there is still some work to do. The main need of this team is to find some protection for QB Aaron Rodgers, and then to continue the defensive upgrades. It should not be a ton of work if done in the correct manner. This team is pretty close to being a serious contender again.

The 2009 Packer offense scored 461 points or 28.8 per game. That was good enough for the third best offense in the NFL. Despite being sacked 50 times Rodgers was able to complete 64.7% of his passes. He threw for 4,434 yards, with 30 touch downs, and just seven interceptions. Brett Favre’s replacement is really that good. On the ground this team gained 1,885 yards led by the 1,235 yards of Ryan Grant. Beyond the Offensive line, this team has few issues on offense.

The Defense is pretty good as well, they gave up 297 points or 18.6 points per game, and they were the seventh best 2009 NFL defense. The best stat about his defense is their take away differential it was +24 easily he best in 2009. This is a defense that attacks the ball, and knows how to force their opponent to make mistakes. That stat is also a testament to Rodgers who does not turn ball over.

In the end 50 sacks is way too many, especially for a QB who could pick apart a defense if he had the chance too. The Packers must address their Offensive line, either in free agency or via the draft or Rodgers career could be a very shot one.

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