Check Out The Unbelievable Five-Star Hotel 'The White Lotus' Was Filmed

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Alexandra Lozovschi

In the short month since its HBO debut, The White Lotus has rapidly risen to acclaim, with The Daily Beast dubbing it a "beautifully dark, twisted satire." Fans of the Hawaii-based miniseries have devoured every little detail about the plot and characters, many showing great interest in the story's setting as well.

This first season of the popular pandemic-shot TV show was filmed at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, a luxurious five-star hotel on the southwest coast of Maui.

Since the series' second season will be shot in a different location, we most likely won't get to admire the "ornate Hawaiian resort" again any time soon, so here's your chance to do it in the photos below.

A Breathtaking Beach Resort

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Fans who have enjoyed watching the Mossbachers kicking back at the beach will be delighted to know that they could share the same experience as their favorite characters.

"HBO's The White Lotus may be a fictional miniseries, but the Hawaiian resort where it was filmed is indeed real," says Popsugar, noting that fans can book a room at the gorgeous tropical hotel "for a few grand a night."

The five-star hotel has been listed by Travel & Leisure's among the top 15 beach resorts in the U.S. and that really says it all. More photos below.

Incredible Views Of The Pacific

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The sumptuous oceanfront hotel grants patrons unforgettable ocean views that beckon many to return time and again.

Popsugar dubs the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea "a dreamy escape that offers gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, the West Maui Mountains, and other islands in the distance" -- and, judging by photos published by the media outlet, there really aren't enough superlatives to describe the place.

According to the hotel website, the Four Seasons is "Maui's most luxurious oceanfront resort," and the pictures truly speak for themselves. Check it out below.

Sumptuous Rooms & Cabanas

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The scenic beauty of its surroundings is matched only by the hotel's lavish interiors. And, at a "hefty" price tag of between $1,000 and $26,000 per night, the elegant suites are all about comfort and style.

"A favored hideout for the L.A. crowd in search of a Polynesian interlude, Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea caters to every pleasurable whim with 67 cabanas and 22 'oceanfront sanctuaries' across the resort," notes Travel & Leisure. "Every suite is decorated with tropical accents and faces either the Pacific or the dramatic Haleakala volcano."

Keep going for more pics!

All The Commodities

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Unlike most Maui resorts, the hotel organizes a variety of free activities for visitors, including canoeing, scuba lessons, and yoga classes. And let's not forget about the spa facilities that the series has made famous.

"Guests can enjoy various restaurants, cabana-encompassed pools, high-end shops, outdoor activities, and a spa that, although not managed by Belinda (Natasha Rothwell), nevertheless looks delightful."

According to the resort's website, whale-watching photo excursions and an "unforgettable golf adventure" are all part of the Four Seasons Maui experience.

In addition, guests can take helicopter rides to an organic fruit farm, where they'll sample produce and get a taste of the island life, or enjoy a private helicopter tour at Kona Coffee's Bolton Estate, tasting included!