Lisa Vanderpump Teases 'Intense' Season Of 'Pump Rules,' Talks Fired Cast Members

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Lisa Vanderpump recently opened up about what is to come on the upcoming ninth season of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff, Vanderpump Rules.

Weeks after wrapping production on the new episodes, Vanderpump appeared on the August 9 episode of On With Mario, which features Mario Lopez and his wife, Courtney Mazza.

"There were a few, kind of adult stories. Some of them have grown up. Some not so much," she noted, failing to name names of her Bravo cast mates.

'Vanderpump Rules' Season Nine Will Be 'Slightly Different'

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Although the dynamic amongst the cast has changed a bit with the addition of several cast members' new babies, Vanderpump said that there is still a deep connection amongst the group.

"It was a slightly different flavor this season but it’s still very intense and very convoluted. I think one of the successful components about Vanderpump Rules is the fact that it’s the authenticity of these relationships that have been so intwined for so many years it drives a lot of feelings," she explained.


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The 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Has No Problem Expressing Themselves

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"I think it’s a great season," Vanderpump continued, "Because I always go into it thinking, ‘What’s going to happen this year?’ But it always happens. They always kind of, these kids have no, well some of them aren’t kids anymore, have no problem expressing themselves."

According to Vanderpump, Vanderpump Rules season nine is a great season with not only plenty of "feel-good moments" and "celebration," but also some sticky moments within the group.

Vanderpump then addressed the firings of June 2020, which included exits from Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni.

'Vanderpump Rules' Is 'Evolving'

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After being asked if the absence of the fired cast mates was felt, Vanderpump described the reality series as an "evolving show."

"We have people that have joined the cast, people like Lala who joined the cast a third of the way through. James Kennedy wan’t an original cast member. We have Randall. We have Raquel. So we’ve lost some across the way but I think it’s the right decision," Vanderpump shared, giving a nod to Bravo's decision to boot the series' four stars.

'Vanderpump Rules' Season Nine Features 'Complications'

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"It was Bravo’s decision. I wished some of them had learned from their mistakes and we’d seen that growth on camera but it was their decision so we just kind of had to deal with it. But certainly we were a very large cast to start with if you think about it so there’s just as many complications as there was, that’s for sure," she continued.

Vanderpump Rules season nine premieres on Bravo this fall but an exact date has not yet been set.