A Complete Guide To Furnishing Your Bachelor Pad

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Alexandra Lozovschi

A man's home is his castle but the modern-day knight might be looking to tighten ye olde coin purse when decking the proverbial château. If you, too, are decorating on a budget and are in need of ideas on how to furnish your bachelor pad, here are some useful pointers that are all about style and affordability.

Choosing Your Couch & Sofa

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When it comes to couches and sofas, the best bet is always to buy new.

"I know that it can be tempting to try to reupholster your old couch from college, but it isn’t as easy as it looks," says Bachelor On A Budget. "Even the more professional DIY’ers will have a hard time navigating the curves, tufts, and springs of a couch to make it look like new."

When buying a new couch or sofa, the first thing to be mindful of is space.

"Not only should they be a good fit for your living room, you want to ensure that the couch will be able to fit through the door in your entrance."

As far as fabric goes, you have a few options to choose from, each presenting a unique advantage. Leather is tough and durable and will resist wear and tear, whereas synthetic fabrics will hold their color for longer.

In terms of color, go neutral and add a contrasting note with patterned throw pillows. Don't overcomplicate your decor with a pillow-back sofa. Instead, opt for sleek tight-back versions that "require less maintenance and will look more natural in your bachelor pad."

Pro tip: if you have a smaller room, a couch with lower arms will open up the space and make the room appear larger.

Picking Out Your Chairs & Stools

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Chairs and stools are where you can truly let your creativity shine.

"As opposed to your couch, a chair is less of a financial investment so you don’t have to settle for conservative colors," notes Bachelor On A Budget.

Go bold with an accent chair that will add originality to the color scheme of your interior. Or, if you prefer functionality over decor, start by deciding whether you want arms on your chair or not.

"While sometimes it can be nice to sit down and rest your arms after a long day, a chair without them can be more versatile for tasks such as tying your shoes or working on a laptop."

You can't make an informed decision about seating options without considering fabrics. Wool, taffeta, and leather (or faux leather) are all low-maintenance choices and come with the added bonus of durability.

Pro tip: mix different styles of chairs to give your room a unique look.

Best Coffee Table Ideas

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The coffee table is the one item you'll spend the most amount of time deciding on. One reason is that the function of this furniture piece often goes beyond its intended purpose, so choosing one that will fit all of your needs is important.

"For some men, it doubles as an ottoman to kick your feet up, for others it may be a place to show off personal possessions, and most commonly for bachelors, it is often used as a table for dining at," states Bachelor On A Budget.

Design is also among the main criteria since you don't want to end up with a dorm-room vibe where the style of your coffee table clashes with the couch.

"If you have a modern-style couch, consider a modern coffee table constructed with brushed metals or a glass top. If you have a futon or couch with exposed wood, look for a coffee table with a similar finish or wood grain."

Size is also a decisive factor. Ideally, your coffee table should be about three-quarters the length of the couch in front of which it's placed. It also should be the same height as the couch.

Pro tip: for a smaller room, choose a coffee table that's half the length of the couch.

Bed Frame Advice

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Choosing the perfect bed frame is all about size. According to Bachelor On A Budget, if you can't fit a King-size bed into your bedroom, then at least consider a Queen-size one.

"If you have the space, it is worth investing in a larger bed to allow for maximum comfort."

One practical solution would be to buy an adjustable steel frame that's built to accommodate a variety of space requirements. If you have your heart set on wood, pick a design with drawers for extra storage space.

Pro tip: a headboard will add comfort and aesthetics to your sleeping area.

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