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Here Are The Most Popular Hair Colors In 2021

Alexandra Lozovschi - Author

Aug. 9 2021, Published 1:12 p.m. ET

We've talked about this year's most popular nail colors but what about hair color? Here are five shades that are trending this autumn, according to celebrity hairstylists.

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Tip Dye

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One of the biggest trends this year is tip dye. When it comes to beauty and fashion, the main post-lockdown attitude is a laid-back, low-maintenance one -- and tip dye perfectly fits the bill!

"This trend is similar to dip dye, but instead of doing mid-lengths and ends of the hair, it's about just coloring the very tips," said Paul Edmonds Salons colorist John Alfred tells Popsugar. "It's low-commitment because once you get bored of it, you can simply change the color or chop it off altogether."

Pro tip: go bold with vibrant pastels or different shades of copper or try a more muted, smokier look inspired by Cruella de Ville as seen below.