Here Are The Most Popular Hair Colors In 2021

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Alexandra Lozovschi

We've talked about this year's most popular nail colors but what about hair color? Here are five shades that are trending this autumn, according to celebrity hairstylists.

Tip Dye

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One of the biggest trends this year is tip dye. When it comes to beauty and fashion, the main post-lockdown attitude is a laid-back, low-maintenance one -- and tip dye perfectly fits the bill!

"This trend is similar to dip dye, but instead of doing mid-lengths and ends of the hair, it's about just coloring the very tips," said Paul Edmonds Salons colorist John Alfred tells Popsugar. "It's low-commitment because once you get bored of it, you can simply change the color or chop it off altogether."

Pro tip: go bold with vibrant pastels or different shades of copper or try a more muted, smokier look inspired by Cruella de Ville as seen below.


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Copper hair is a staple of autumn style and there's plenty of shades to choose from. According to Alfred, copper hair color is here to stay in 2021, so pick the hue that best suits your skin tone.

"Copper is sticking around this year, with hues ranging from natural ginger glows to the brightest tones."

Pro tip: since there are many versions of copper hair -- browner, blonder, more monochrome, or more dimensional -- ask your colorist how light, dark, or intense you should go to best emphasize your features.

'Atomic Blonde'

Statement colors have been on the rise this summer, a trend that it's expected to continue through autumn. The trick is to go bolder and brighter, with celebrities like Poppy Delevingne going "Atomic Blonde" to fully embrace the trend.

"The 'Atomic Blonde' is a fierce comeback color," says colorist and bleach-blond expert Harriet Muldoon, who did Delevingne's "Atomic Blonde."

"The tone is strong and bold but with a modern twist. The multi-dimensional color technique and products used ensure that the hair is kept in top condition whilst ensuring the color is as powerful as you like."

Pro tip: keep your color looking fresh at home with the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate hair treatment set, which Muldoon recommended Delevingne.

Dark Beetle Iridescent Tones

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Bold highlights are all the rage this season and the most fashionable tones of the moment are range within the dark blues, purples, and greens.

"We are seeing more Victorian gothic tones, and there also seems to be inky blue/blacks, purple blacks, and dark beetle-back iridescent tones," says Josh Wood, colorist and founder of Josh Wood Colour.

His brand's Glaze shades are very hot right now and you can definitely find a gorgeous dark blue or purple among them.

Pro tip: to truly make a statement, mix and match two or three tones. Go purple and iridescent dark green, or dark blue and green.

Autumnal Money Pieces

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Money pieces are majorly trending this year, with each season boasting its own statement colors. After a blond money-piece summer, get ready for warmer, edgier colors this fall as these face-framing highlights are more popular than ever!

As Hologram salon explains, this style is "achieved when you balayage the front strands of your hair a lighter shade."

"The result is a face-framing look that adds dimension, brightness, and a boost to your complexion."

Pro tip: the colors to go for this autumn are copper (pictured below), red wine, and caramel.