Blind Dog Guided By His Own Seeing Eye Canine [Video]

Cardiff, Wales - A blind dog is benefiting from a unique and heartwarming kind of brotherly love.

Eddie, the dog that went blind, has his own guide and companion: Milo, a terrier mix. Guide dogs often assist visually impaired humans of course, but, in this case, the two canines are inseparable, and a dog's best friend is another dog.

Eddie is a seven-year-old Lab. With no training, Milo, age six, acts as Eddie's loyal eyes when they go outside to play, and they are often leashed together so that Milo can guide him better. The dogs are almost literally joined at the hip. Milo wears bells on his collar so that Eddie can catch up to him whenever necessary.

Their owner says that the two pets enjoy a wonderful relationship that started before Eddie lost his sight and that Milo improves Eddie's quality of life including helping her fetch Eddie and bring him back to her when she calls.

The owner, Angie Baker-Stedham, a mother of three and a reported foster mother of 61(!), described how devoted Milo is to his fellow animal friend:

"Before Eddie went blind they both used to chase after dog toys, but now Eddie relies on Milo to help him play and they love going into the woods ... Milo really cares for Eddie, he always licks his face, they sleep in the same room and spend all their time together. Without Milo, Eddie would be lost."

The close relationship almost ended sadly,when Milo fell ill and needed an urgent blood transfusion. Fortunately, a leading UK veterinary charity called PDSA nursed Milo back to health, and he has been reunited with Eddie.

Maybe this is a UK thing, but as The Inquisitrpreviously reported, a blind dog also in Wales by the name of Terfel has his own seeing-eye cat. Pwditat, a stray feline, showed out at Terfel's home out of the blue one day and has been Terfel's "guide dog" ever since.

Watch a video about Eddie the Lab and his loyal seeing-eye dog Milo:

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