'Harry Potter' Star Jessie Cave Treated 'Different' After Weight Gain

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Jessie Cave looked back at her time as Lavender Brown during an interview with The Guardian earlier this month. And, while discussing her Harry Potter role, she admitted to going through hard times due to comments that were reportedly made about her weight on set.

Noting that those comments struck with her throughout her career in Hollywood, 34-year-old Cave, who played the part of Lavender in the last three movies of the film series, recalled how she put on weight between production.

Jessie Cave Grew Out Of Her Role As Lavender Brown

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According to Cave, she evolved physically in a way that didn't work for her character.

"I was not a right fit for the industry at that time," she told the publication, via PEOPLE. "Lavender Brown is conventionally pretty, no glasses, small. By the time I went back to do the last film, I had gained a bit of weight and I wasn't that person anymore."

Although Cave confirmed that no one on the set of Harry Potter actually told her she needed to lose weight, she recalled a costume designer grabbing her stomach, which she said was "just horrible."

Jessie Cave Was Haunted By The Experience

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In the years that followed the incident, Cave said she put her guard up as she went out for auditions in hopes of continuing her acting career.

"Now I go into the costume fitting for any job and I'm terrified," Cave said. "I'm prepared to be told something unkind. You're treated like a different type of thing; you're not somebody with feelings who has thought about what pants they're going to wear that day because they're going to be seen."

While Cave's experience was traumatizing for the actress, she noted that the climate in Hollywood has changed for the better in recent years in terms of body expectations.

Jessie Cave Has Considered Losing Weight

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As a mother of three, Cave was happy to report that those working in Hollywood these days are far more sensitive and respectful of different bodies.

"Now when they're nice to me, and they are sensitive to how I may be feeling about my body, or that I may be breastfeeding or whatever, I almost cry," she admitted.

Still, when it comes to the fact that she's not stick-thin, she knows her size often works against her.

"I've definitely considered losing weight — and when I have lost weight, I tend to get a part," she said. "I mean, it's not rocket science. But I eat healthily, I'm a normal-sized woman, and I'm still regarded, probably, as a fat actress."

Jessie Cave Was Growing Up While Filming 'Harry Potter'

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Cave also spoke about her experience working on Harry Potter during an interview with The Independent.

"[I] gained a lot of weight after doing Harry Potter [and the Half-Blood Prince], just because I wasn't starving myself. And I was growing up and that's just what happens," she explained, adding that she "was treated like a different species" after her weight gain and "definitely felt invisible."

"It was horrible. It was probably more me and my insecurity, knowing that I wasn't fitting into the same size jeans, but it wasn't a time where actresses were any bigger than a size eight [U.K.]," she said. "And in the previous film I had been, and now I was a size 12. So that was horrible. It was a really uncomfortable experience."