Mike Lindell Promises 'Miracles' At Pro-Trump Event: 'There's Going To Be So Many People Coming To Jesus'

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Damir Mujezinovic

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell seems determined to get former President Donald Trump back in the White House by any means necessary.

Lindell -- who has spread a number of outlandish conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election -- will soon hold a symposium to prove Democrat Joe Biden won thanks to foreign meddling and widespread fraud.

The pillow magnate said Wednesday that "miracles" would happen at his symposium later this month, claiming that "there's going to be so many people coming to Jesus."

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'Spiritual Battle'

Real America's Voice host Steve Bannon -- who managed Trump's 2016 campaign and served as White House chief strategist -- asked Lindell whether he was engaged in "spiritual warfare."

Lindell said that his attempts to get Trump back in office can indeed be described as a "spiritual battle," per Raw Story.

"It's all come to a head this year, this last year. This is a spiritual battle of epic proportions. When we get through this, even non-believers, there's going to be so many people coming to Jesus," he claimed.

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Lindell said that he expects "miracles" to take place at his upcoming symposium, suggesting that Biden winning the 2020 election was part of God's plan and had to happen.

"This will be the biggest revival in history because you're going to see miracles unfold. This is the battle we're in and all these pieces when we look back on, you're going to be able to look back and say, 'Wow, this all had to happen to get to where we're going to, this glorious place.'"

Good Vs. Evil

Lindell argued that everything that took place in 2020 happened for a reason, claiming that America has been in a "spiritual battle of good and evil" since Trump lost to Biden.

"The evil is revealing itself. It's just amazing. It's popping up all over like pocket gophers," the pillow magnate continued, saying that even liberals -- who were "blinded" -- now realize what's going on.

"We need to pray that God gives us grace and it looks like we're going to get that because all of these things that are happening," he concluded.

Failed Prophecies

As The Inquisitr previously reported, after the 2020 race, Lindell and his allies first claimed the military would stop Biden from assuming office. Then they said Trump would be reinstated in March 2021. When that prophecy failed, they claimed Biden would be out of office by August.

Lindell now claims Trump will be reinstated by September.

Nothing suggests Biden won thanks to electoral fraud. Even if evidence of irregularities was somehow to emerge, Trump would not be reinstalled as president.

Still, as Time reported, QAnon and related conspiracy theories continue to thrive.