5 Adulting Hacks For An Easier Life

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Navigating adult life and the challenges that come with it can be taxing for most people. There's no shame in needing a bit of help and guidance in order to keep crushing it. Here are some simple tips and tricks to implement around the home, which will make for smooth sailing of the sometimes troubled waters of adulthood.

1. Give Yourself A Calm Start Of The Day

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One simple way to make life easier is to kick off the day just right. Kourtney Kardashian's lifestyle blog Poosh advises to give yourself a calm, quiet start of the day by staying away from your phone or computer for at least one hour after waking up.

"Yes, that even means on the toilet," notes the blog.

"Remember books? Try a quick morning meditation, or read a chapter before anything else. Anxiety levels will drop a significant amount when we remember the significance of truly quiet, reflective, in-the-moment time."

2. Get A Cute Water Bottle

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Noting says adulting like making sure you're properly hydrated. Motivate yourself to drink more water by investing in a cute, big water bottle that you can refill two or three times a day for a total of 2-3 liters of H2O daily.

Pro tip: spice up your water with cucumber slices, pieces of fruit such as lemon or apricot, chia seeds, or mint leaves to make it more nutritious and -- let's face it -- more appealing. Add electrolytes, chlorophyll, iodine, or silica for an extra kick.

3. Rotate Your Favorite Recipes

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A big part of adulthood is figuring out what to cook and finding that perfect balance between good nutrition and delicious taste. Once you discover a healthy recipe that you love -- think favorite big salad, lentil stew, or chickpea pasta -- make enough of it to last for a few days' worth of dinners or lunches. Get creative with the leftovers, adding something new every day to keep things interesting.

Poosh suggests experimenting with new garnishes, a different sauce or dressing, or adding a fried egg to your salad. That way, you can rotate and enjoy your favorite recipes all the time without it getting boring and without stressing about meal planning.

4. Don't Put Off Cleaning Until The Weekend

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Weekdays get busy and there's little time for house chores, so you might be tempted to put it all off until the weekend when you have more free time. However, it might be more effective to clean a little every day rather than being stuck on cleaning duty on Sundays, when all you want to do is relax.

"Wipe down the counters and surfaces on Monday. Clean the sink and toilets on Tuesday. Vacuum, sweep, mop on Wednesday. Laundry on Thursday. It won’t take long, and by the weekend, you’ll be free to do whatever you want," says Poosh.

5. Cherish Your Alone Time

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Perhaps the best adulting hack that will absolutely make life easier is learning to embrace and treasure your alone time. Spending at least a couple of hours in blissful solitude will do wonders not only for your mental health (having space is important for personal growth, processing feelings, and thinking things through) but your sense of independence as well.

Not sure how to spend some quality time by yourself? Poosh has got you covered.

"Go to a park alone and read a book, staring up at a tree on your back in the grass for ultimate grounding. See a movie alone if none of your friends are into it, or your schedules don’t align. Prepare a beautiful meal, for just you. Set aside a night for a bath and a self-pedicure."