Kelsea Ballerini Celebrates Badonkadonks In Daisy Dukes

Kelsea Ballerini smiles close up
Gettyimages | Rick Diamond

Kelsea Ballerini today couldn't resist a little - and very relevant - pun. The 27-year-old country singer, fresh from performing at the Watershed Festival in Washington, has been sharing snaps of the outdoor gig over on her Instagram, where the most recent post gave a nod to country star Trace Adkins' 2005 hit "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk."

Wearing denim hot pants and showing off her famous long legs, Kelsea seemingly went for a joke about her rear - see why fans are raving about it below.

'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk'

Kelsea Ballerini in shorts by her car

Scroll for the photo. Kelsea, fast rising and seeming to be considered a bit of a mini Carrie Underwood from the power vocals to the pins, made headlines over the weekend for taking the stage and delivering hits at Gorge Amphitheater while wearing a plunging red glitter blouse and high-waisted shorts.

The "Hole in the Bottle" hit-maker, posting for her 2.4 million followers, stunned with a shot from behind as she smiled out to the crowd - and it was leggy as Kelsea peeked some cheek while in high strappy heels.

See The Photo Below

Holding a mic in one hand and standing with her super-toned legs apart, Kelsea rocked long flowing blonde hair as the camera took in her smile. A caption, meanwhile, quoted legend Trace, with Kelsea writing: "Honkey tonk badonkadonk."

Big surprise, the comments are all about those legs. "Leggggss!" leads the way, with the user adding: "Hard work has paid off!!!" Others, meanwhile, quoted lyrics from the song. "Lawd Jesus look at her go," another added. Scroll for more photos after the snap.

Scroll For Her McDonald's Socks

Another shot from the stage, meanwhile, brought Kelsea truly in her element and without shoes. The Tennessee native had here ditched her gold heels, writing: "Barefoot & H A P P Y at @watershedfestival ✨."

Kelsea and her famous figure aren't just attracting comments on Instagram. Earlier this year, the star opened up to Shape, calling herself an "80/20 person" as she revealed totally enjoying the regular McDonald's trips - last year, she called her "dates" at Chick-Fil-A a "weekly" thing.

McLovin' It

Kelsea Ballerini in bed with wine

The girl who has updated her Instagram in McDonald's socks while enjoying wine in bed, told the magazine:

"I've always been an 80/20 person as far as food and drinking. I try to do what's good for me 80 percent of the time. The other 20 percent of the time, I just enjoy my life. I run through the McDonald's drive-through once a month, and it's fine."

Kelsea also joked how being raised on chicken nuggets was a bit weird with husband Morgan Evans being a vegetarian.