4 First-Time Camping Tips For 2021

Unsplash | Kevin Schmid

Jacob Highley

By the 1880s, camping had become a popular pastime. Although Wikipedia states that the origins of this activity can be traced to a man named Thomas Hiram Holding, a British traveling tailor, Thomas would hardly be the first to have pitched a tent in the wilderness for recreational purposes.

After all, many cultures have always lived in tents. Many still do even today.

That being said, with 2020 being a year of self-quarantines that saw an incredible rise in online shopping (Amazon’s US subscriber base went up by nearly 30 million to an estimated total of 142.5 million) many people haven’t gone camping in a hot minute!

Get A High-Quality Sleeping Bag

Unsplash | Steve Halama

Modern innovations like the hammock, and all-in-one tent systems have created alternatives to sleeping bags. However, nothing is more readily available or affordable than a standard sleeping bag.

With a greater need to supply insulation for every body size and body type, more manufacturers have developed specially made solutions. One such creation was the “goose down” sleeping bag.

Just imagine what the coffins of a mummy look like and you will immediately recognize how this sleeping bag works. It covers everything but your face!

Try Everything Before You Use It For Real

Even if you believe your camping gear top-of-the-line, remember that the wilderness is given such a title for being “wild.”

A prime example of this is with wind speeds. Should your tent be improperly grounded, it will fly away. Another possibility could be that your tent isn’t rated for your elevation or wind speeds, meaning it will break while still grounded!

Other complications while camping include but are not limited to a lack of working cooking equipment, tools breaking, or leaking occurring through your dwelling.

Don’t Sleep Under Trees

There are several reasons why experts recommend you pitch your tents in open uncovered areas.

  1. In the event of rescue, your tent is easier to see.
  2. When underneath certain trees, sap will ooze down on your tents in the morning.
  3. Flies are drawn to the shade, your bug catchers will be a pain to clean out.

Besides the reasons listed above, there is also debate online whether someone below a tree would breath in carbon dioxide let out by the trees at night.

Bring Things To Do!

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but remember that adults are much more content to sit doing nothing, enjoying the outdoors, compared to children.

Furthermore, the absence of activity can actually cause certain people to become anxious. (Especially since most people are surrounded by technology)

This is also why some argue that people should leave their cell-phones at home. That being said, more outdoor-related outlets now argue that one should simply setup their smartphone for a camping setting rather than leaving at home. (Since it has rescue features, GPS, weather updates, and more)

Plus it can help you keep track of your diet while camping with helpful apps. Click here to learn more about dieting and how to boost your testosterone. That way you feel healthy and happy on your trip!