Kaley Cuoco Is 'No Joke' In Kitchen Shorts Workout

Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco has personally been told she's "no joke" as Shape spots her grueling home workouts. The 35-year-old Big Bang Theory actress and fitness junkie has been making headlines for getting creative during her pandemic workouts - while 2020 saw Kaley admit to missing group exercise classes, she's managed to gain some company as she continues to train with trainer Ryan Sorensen.

Ryan, this year dishing Kaley's workout secrets to The Today Show, was with the blonde and by her refrigerators in this photo. Check it out below.

'No Joke' With Resistance Bands Workout


Scroll for the photo. Kaley, shot inside her $12 million Hidden Hills mansion, was seen legs apart, focused, and definitely kitted out for a sweat session. The sitcom star, wearing tight black bike shorts and a matching tee, shouted out sportswear giant Nike via a giant white and baggy tank, also rocking Nike sneakers and her hair down.

Very visible was a resistance band around Kaley's calves, with the star seen holding red bands as she worked herself head-to-toe. Ryan stood next to her.

See The Photo Below

Taking to its caption, Shape reminded fans that Kaley is the one to watch, stating:

"Actress #KaleyCuoco may be funny onscreen but these videos of her in the gym are no-joke. #Linkinbio to learn how the actress trains to build power and agility with trainer @ryan_sorensen and to steal some full-body moves for yourself."

Kaley, who says it like it is and admits she "fell in love" with hot yoga by realizing she hated running, has also been opening up on how workouts roll with her.

Needs Variety


Just this month, Kaley posted for her 6.8 million Instagram followers as she lugged a giant black gym ball through her neighborhood's streets. Speaking to Women's Health, the girl behind Penny revealed:

"If I’m doing yoga, we’re doing it every day this week... Then I’m like, 'Oh my god, I have to switch,'" she said. "Then I’m going crazy on SoulCycle... 'Okay, I have to switch.'"

The SoulCycle equipment has been spotted in Cuoco's home gym, a space that also appears to entertain her pet rabbits.

$45 Post-Workout Must-Have

Kaley may have earned $1 million per episode in later seasons of NBC sitcom Big Bang, but the star's accessories don't come high-end. Earlier this year, she name-dropped the $45 Rollga foam roller as one of her 10 must-have items while speaking to NY Mag.

"I work out and ride horses a lot; my legs get extremely sore from horseback riding, so I basically don’t go a day without using the Rollga. I really enjoy using it after I shower at night. I’ll watch TV and roll around on it for a bit," she said.