Olivia Culpo Sparks Storm With Floral Bikini Breakfast


Rebecca Cukier

Olivia Culpo has sparked a storm by showing off her Instagrammable vacation breakfast while in a skimpy floral bikini. The 29-year-old former Miss Universe and Sports Illustrated bombshell is fresh from a stunning social media post placing her in Italy, with fans today seeing her posing on a lake-view balcony and in front of a white-clothed table all laid out with fresh orange juice and local treats.

Olivia, who has been embracing her body since undergoing surgery for endometriosis last year, now sees a comment unleashing anger.

'Woke Up In Italy'


Scroll for the photo. It showed Olivia in a super high-waisted and plunging strapless bikini, one covered in cute floral prints and accessorized by a matching white shirt worn very much off-the-shoulder.

Looking like a total bombshell, the Model Squad star sent out bold red lips, rock-hard abs, and quite a dose of cleavage, but the shot remained impeccably classy as the Fendi face told fans: "Woke up in Italy." She even threw in heart-eye, red heart, and Italian flag emoji.

See The Photo Below

Eyes seem to be more on the Rhode Island native's killer body than the little pots of Mediterannean jam. The post, coming as promo for the Revolve clothing brand Olivia influences for, has now attracted the attention of pal Candace Smith, and not everyone was a fan of her reply.

"Love the suit & the extra pounds," she wrote with a kiss-face emoji. While the comment gained likes, it also raised eyebrows - seemingly, fans didn't think a mention of weight was necessary. See the replies after the snap.

Fans Say Not Necessary


Shutting down the reply, one fan wrote: "Your comment is only ok if she has announced she is pregnant in which case we say oh the baby extra lbs or the glow looks amazing on you," adding: "Not the case ... she didn’t gain a thing, she looks amazing, remove the few pounds and leave the compliment from your comment."

"What’s wrong with you. this woman is stick thin. you had NO business coming in here with that backhanded compliment," another said. And Candace has replied.

Defending Her Comment

Candace was quick to swoop in - not with apologies, but with defense. She wrote: "Kinda hilarious you associate curves with a diss... says more about you than me. I try to gain weight because I find curves sexy. Move on playas."

In a separate reply, she stated: "You are assuming skinny is beautiful. I don’t think like you. I mentor young women to celebrate their bodies in all shapes. Love you boo." Olivia does not appear to have responded to the back-and-forths.