Harry Styles' Banana Chomp Brought Back 'Manly Men'

Harry Styles' Instagram updates require a follow. While 36 million are subscribed to the 27-year-old singer's feed, anyone who isn't may have missed his "manly men" banana chomp. The former One Direction star, seemingly coming out ahead of the five-strong duo who once auditioned nervously in front of Simon Cowell, is not a frequent poster - but when he posts, he posts.

Harry, known for eating bananas on stage, has also been chowing down on them for the digital space. Check it out below.

Bringing Back 'Manly Men'

Harry Styles in a jacket on stage
Gettyimages | Arturo Holmes

Scroll for the photo. Styles, whose paisely floral shirts and bell-bottoms continue to usher in a love of fem-style '70s fashion, has now snagged over 8.9 million likes for his headline-making banana chomp. The photo showing the "Watermelon Sugar" hit-maker in a pale blue and buttoned suit with a white shirt sticking out, came studio-shot and - for many - with the wardrobe not as the focal point.

Harry was posing with a peeled and whole banana to his mouth. "Bring back manly men," he wrote.

See The Photo Below

Boundary-pusher Harry, who wore a dress for his Vogue cover and literally drove fans bananas with his NSFW banana necklace in March, managed to bring in half of celebrity Instagram with the post.

Leaving likes were 24-year-old supermodel Hailey Bieber, former Disney star Demi Lovato, Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, plus Bravo star Lisa Rinna. Also joining in the thumbs-up were actress Sydney Sweeney and 21-year-old singer and sister to Miley Cyrus, Noah. The latest celeb gushing sees singer Lorde saying Harry would be her ideal collab. More photos after the snap.

On Being Super Famous

Harry Styles in flared suit
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Harry, who won three Grammys this year snagging Best Pop Solo Performance, Music Video, and Pop Vocal Album, opened up to NPR last year - he was quickly prompted on being "super famous."

"Ultimately we're all humans," he said. "It's not like paralyzing starstruck, it's more like I try and appreciate what my 10-year-old self would think of it. I think ultimately you meet [other famous people] and you're kind of in awe of them, but at the same time you get to hang out with them on this human level, where you're just talking and it's really amazing."

And That Statement Fashion

Mr. Trendy, who seems to have swung how everyone shops on Depop, continued, addressing his bold fashion sense.

"For me, it's not like doing it to send a message. Part of being on the last tour, when people came to watch the show, I realized "Oh, these people just want to see me be myself, and I'm telling them to be themselves." And I just didn't want to be a hypocrite," he said.

Harry was just 24 when he began fronting luxury Italian label Gucci, now fronted by 28-year-old singer Miley Cyrus.