'RHOBH' Star Dorit Kemsley Hoped To Make Erika Jayne Feel 'Safe' Amid Legal Drama

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast opened up about the legal drama Erika Jayne was faced with amid season 11 during the latest installment of the After Show.

"I have a friendship with Erika that dates back five years and I care about her greatly. So just from a friend’s standpoint, knowing that your friend is going through something this big, it’s not like I’m reading about someone that I see on television or someone that is famous," Kemsley explained.

Dorit Kemsley's Heart Sank For Erika Jayne

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As Kemsley pointed out, she and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates went through their own set of emotions as they learned about the many lawsuits and shocking embezzlement claims Jayne and her husband, Thomas Girardi, were facing.

"We’re reading about something that’s affecting someone that we know very personally, very intimately, and my heart was sinking for her because regardless of what’s true, what’s not, she’s going through it and this is some pretty big stuff," Kemsley stated.

Erika Jayne Is Accused Of Helping Thomas Girardi Embezzle $2 Million For His Former Clients

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Jayne filed for divorce in November 2020 and around the time she did, she and Girardi were accused of embezzling $2 million from his former clients.

Then, in the months that followed, she was accused of helping her estranged husband embezzle even more money from his past clients.

Although the allegations against Jayne were quite serious, Kemsley was more concerned about the mental well-being of her friend than the details of the cases against her. So, when she saw her on the show, she made a point to make sure she felt safe.

Dorit Kemsley Wanted Her 'RHOBH' Cast Mate To Know She's Loved

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"When I saw her, I grabbed her and I hugged her because I just wanted her to feel like, ‘You’re in a safe place and you’re supported and you’re loved and we’re here for you and we feel for you,'" Kemsley recalled.

Kemsley then said that when it came to Jayne's split from Girardi, she had no idea that her cast mate would ever end her decades-long marriage to the once-famed attorney.

"Knowing her for this long, there was no indication that this could have ever been on the horizon so yeah, it was very emotional," she admitted.

Dorit Kemsley Claims Erika Jayne's Situation Made Her Question Her Own

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During another moment from the After Show, Kemsley admitted to questioning her own life after seeing what Jayne was going through with Girardi.

“I thank God am in a really solid, trustworthy marriage. We communicate and talk about everything. So I’m not in the dark, by any means... Of course, when you start to see something like this, it makes you question and think, ’Should I know more? Do I know enough? Is there something I should be doing?'" she stated.

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