Simone Biles Reveals Main Reason Behind Decision To Withdraw From Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team Final

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Simone Biles and the USA women's gymnastics team headed into the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics as the heavy favorite to capture the gold medal in the team competition. Unfortunately, things didn't go as expected in the Olympic women's gymnastics team final. Biles, who was the final gymnast to compete for Team USA during the first rotation, doesn't seem to be her usual self.

Instead of doing a two-and-a-half twisting vault, Biles lost control in the air and only executed one-and-a-half twists.

Simone Biles Withdraws From The Competition After Committing Error

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After committing an error, Biles sat with Team USA's doctor and was seen shaking her head in disappointment. Minutes after, Biles left the arena and speculations quickly spread that she has withdrawn from the Olympic's women gymnastics team final. It only took a matter of time before the USA women's gymnastics team made an announcement regarding Biles' status.

According to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics official website, Team USA released a statement saying that Biles has decided to withdraw from the Olympic women's gymnastics team final competition due to "medical issue."

Simone Biles Cites Mental Issue Behind Withrawal

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Biles' decision to withdraw in the middle of the Olympic women's gymnastics team final competition came as a surprise. When the competition was over, Biles told reporters that though she's in perfect shape physically, she's not in her 100 percent mentally.

"You have to be there 100%," Biles said, as quoted by ESPN. "If not, you get hurt. Today has been really stressful. I was shaking. I couldn't nap. I have never felt like this going into a competition, and I tried to go out and have fun. But once I came out, I was like, 'No. My mental is not there.'"

Simone Biles Cheers Teammates

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After Team USA made the announcement, Biles returned to the arena, not to participate, but to show her support to her teammates. Biles became Team USA's cheerleader, hugging and offering her teammates help from the sideline. Despite not having Biles for the remainder of the Olympic women's gymnastics team final, Team USA still managed to capture the silver medal.

Team USA, who finished the competition with 166.096, came more than three points behind the gold medalist Russian Olympics Committee, who posted a total of 169.528.

Simone Biles' Status In Upcoming Games In Limbo

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During the interview with reporters, Biles said that she would prioritize her health and well-being over winning the gold medal, hinting at the possibility that she could also withdraw from the remaining games of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

"I say put mental health first before your sport," Biles said. "I had to do what's right for me and not jeopardize my health and well-being."

Biles said that she's planning to take Wednesday as a "mental rest day." Bile is set to defend her gold medal in the individual all-around final on Thursday. If she decided not to compete, individual athlete Jade Carey is expected to step up and fill her spot.