Here Are The Most Popular Nail Colors In 2021

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Alexandra Lozovschi

National Nail Polish Day may be well past us but that doesn't mean we're not still very much preoccupied with the latest nail art trends.

If you're looking to revamp your manicure this summer, then look no further! Here are the most popular colors of 2021 and how to rock them.


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Deep reds are making a comeback this year, so make sure you pick up a rich burgundy or Bordeaux polish to keep your fingers looking trendy.

"A beautiful burnt burgundy never goes out of style," Massachusetts-based nail artist Aline Moreira tells Who What Wear.

Wear it as a stand-alone color or as a statement color in combination with darker accents.

"Think half-French tips, simple vertical lines down the center of the nail, or even dagger shapes using a deep, velvety red," suggests Nails of LA founder Brittney Boyce, who is also a consulting nail artist for Orly.


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Mustard Yellow

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Mustard yellow is very "in" this year, according to Who What Wear. The shade is less flamboyant than the pastel or limoncello yellows that are typically in style during spring and works perfectly both in a matte finish or a shiny gloss topcoat, Moreira points out.

Dark Navy

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Just like deep reds, dark blues are also very popular this year, with dark navy being the absolute best way to go.

"Dark navy blues will also trend," says Boyce. "It’s another classic color, and in general, I see 2021 being a year where we lean on classic colors, things that we’re familiar with."

Blueish Gray

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Also on the blue spectrum, blueish gray is expected to make waves in 2021. According to Moreira, the grey tinge beautifully compliments this blue polish, creating "the perfect balance between a pop of color and a laid-back look."

Forest Green

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Aside from reds and blues, green is another classic color that will be "huge in 2021," says Boyce.

"Everything from Baby Yoda greens to The Grinch greens are [sic] everywhere in beauty."

The perfect shades to go for are forest green and matcha latte, which will have your nails looking effortlessly chic.

"The lighter the color, the more casual and playful the vibe," advises Who What Wear.

Deep Brown

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After stealing the spotlight in the second half of 2020, dark brown is making a roaring return in 2021.

"From deep mahogany hues to lighter, almost-beige ones, this '90s-inspired shade won't be letting up any time soon," notes Who What Wear.

Anything from deep, sable shades to rich, tawny hues is a must this year.

Soft Beige

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For an elegant, subtle look, soft beige and cream are the norm. These shades look great on their own but work just as well as a base for minimal nail art.

"I always love minimal nails with a lot of negative space, whether with a milky nude as a base or a completely bare nail as a base," says Boyce, who suggests adding gold accents to play up the color.

"I think this look will continue to trend in 2021 because people will be looking for classic, clean, and simple nail art after a somewhat chaotic year."

Glitter Finishes

Glitter is another nail trend that will be taking center stage in 2021. You can either go bold with rich colors for a vibrant, sparkling look or opt for a muted shade but up the ante with confetti glitter in an ombré design.

Glossy & Matte Combos

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In terms of nail art that you can do at home, a combination of glossy and matte nails will give you that extra oomph for little effort.

"You can play with a mix of matte and glossy on the same nail," says Boyce. "You can also alternate your nails between matte and glossy, like a matte statement nail."

To make things even easier, invest in a matte and a glossy topcoat and transform your favorite polish into either look.