'RHOA' Star Kandi Burruss Reacts To Sheree Whitfield's Potential Return

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Kandi Burruss is weighing in on the swirling rumors regarding the potential return of her former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate, Sheree Whitfield.

Following weeks of reports suggesting Whitfield will rejoin the Bravo reality show for its upcoming 14th season, Burruss appeared on Access Hollywood's "Housewives Nightcap," where she commented on Whitfield's possible comeback and reacted to rumors of a cast shakeup.

"I always love Shereé. She is always good TV to me," Burruss admitted during the July 22 interview, via YouTube

Kandi Burruss Is Here For A Sheree Whitfield Return

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Looking back, Burruss said that she believes Sheree makes for great television because she had several memorable moments on the series during the many years she spent starring on it.

"She has had some very explosive moments in these past seasons. I am here for it honestly. If they decide they want Shereé to come back, I am here for it," Burruss admitted. "I mean you never know, let’s go!"

Although Burruss acknowledged that she and Whitfield have had some tense moments on the show, she suggested they are in a good place today.

Kandi Burruss And Sheree Whitfield Have A 'Good Relaitonship'

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"I always consider myself to have a good relationship with Shereé. We’ve had our moments on the show where sometimes we didn’t see eye to eye. For the most part, I still see her outside of the show sometimes. We still run into each other and I’ve got much love for Shereé," Burruss confirmed.

While there have also been reports claiming there will be a major cast shakeup ahead of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14, Burruss said that she doesn't "play into" the rumors.

Kandi Burruss Believes The Ensemble Cast Makes 'RHOA'

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"People always say, ‘this person shouldn’t come back, that person shouldn’t come back’ but I feel like everybody on this cast has something that adds to the show," she explained. "It’s never one person that can carry the show by themselves. It's like all of our stories combined is what, to me, makes the show so good."

Although Burruss was asked if she felt anyone in particular should be left out of the series' upcoming episodes, she said she didn't feel anyone should go.

Kandi Burruss Hopes The 'RHOA' Cast Will Remain The Same

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"I don’t necessarily say that I need to see any of them leave. Realistically to me, we had new people to come in last season and I personally would have liked to have seen this cast come back again, especially at a time when the world has opened up," she noted.

As Real Housewives of Atlanta fans well know, the ladies of the series were forced to film under strict guidelines during season 13 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.