Britney Spears Excited To Clean In Low-Low Shorts

Britney Spears is pumped to clean her house and she's dancing around in tiny shorts while eyeing up the chores. The 39-year-old singer today delivered another of her legendary home dance sessions, this time posting a lengthy caption addressing her rising confidence and love of tennis shoes and heels. Addressing her 32.3 million Instagram followers and telling them she won't "settle," the Grammy winner busted out moves in her sporty look, and she was all muscle in a caption showing how much stronger she's gotten of late.

Prepping House Clean

Britney Spears home in knotted tee

Scroll for the video. Britney, who continues to battle 69-year-old dad Jamie Spears in her conservatorship case, asked fans what they do "to keep your dreams alive????"

Dancing around with massive energy from a wood-floored living room peeping arched windows and a vintage grandfather clock, the "Toxic" singer told fans she'd realized all her tennis shoes were "gone" yesterday. Britney then explained her fondness for them as hours of dancing make her feet ache: "So I put tennis shoes on so my feet feel nice," she wrote.

See The Video Below

Taking the shoe talk into a bit of a ramble, the blonde explained that she's ordered a ton of tennis shoes, but had lost them.

"All of mine are old so I ordered four new pairs and they came in five weeks ago but they were all too big so I've been without them for a long time !!!!" Britney, who name-dropped stilettos lover and fictional Sex & The City character Carrie Bradshaw, admitted she'd purchased a bunch more online, and she wasn't going to take any crap for caving and treating herself.

Doing Her Own Chores

Britney Spears close up in top

Britney, worth an estimated $59 million although currently unable to control her finances as her father takes care of that, continued saying it's "A DIFFERENT BALL GAME." She also mentioned her old-fashioned grandfather clock, then saying that she'd cleaned her "cherry floors." "By the way I do intend on going to the ball after I clean my house!!!" she added.

The celebrity name-dropping was not limited to the character played by Sarah Jessica-Parker. Singer Cher was also mentioned, as was "Dinero" singer and beauty founder Jennifer Lopez. More after the video.

Spending Her Own Money

Fans likely spotted that beneath the upbeat caption was a subtle dig at Jamie Spears. Britney appeared to be confirming she's able to spend her cash as she pleases. This comes as the singer wants her father charged with "conservatorship abuse" in her second high-profile court address over the past month.

"I'm not gonna settle and considering the other day I said I feel like I'm just getting here ... THAT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT !!!! It's been a while since I drove alone."

Britney is now reportedly allowed to drive again after limitations. She was behind the wheel for a recent Starbucks run, one seeing her flash a massive ring on her engagement finger.