Chanel West Coast Celebrates 'Eazy' Miami Life In Bikini

Chanel West Coast smiling outdoors

Chanel West Coast is partying hard and reminding her TikTok followers that she absolutely made the right decision by ditching L.A. for a new life in Miami. The 32-year-old rapper and Ridiculousness star made headlines earlier this year for calling it quits in Los Angeles and picking up her belongings to move all the way East, where a joking "Chanel East Coast" hashtag has been dominating her Instagram.

Posting recently with a giant bikini-clad show-off, Chanel flaunted her new lifestyle, and the "Eazy" mention name-dropped her beats.

Living The 'Eazy' Life

Chanel West Coast in bedroom yoga gear

Scroll for the video. "Eazy" is a track off West Coast's 2020-dropped America's Sweetheart album, a 19-song EP bringing hits including 2019-released "Black Roses," plus pandemic-penned "No Plans."

Very much showing she's had plans of late, the MTV face shared footage of both her day and night partying as she was seen dancing around on a yacht while in an orange bikini and sarong, also cheekily slapping a girlfriend on the backside. Club scenes also showed the LOL Cartel founder finally performing again after the pandemic pause.

See The Video Below

Chanel, who has been reminding her followers that she's fully vaccinated and made 2020 headlines as the L.A.P.D. shut down her birthday party - Chanel yelled at the cops - was also seen drinking champagne, living it up, and flaunting her pandemic weight loss.

"Miami life is so #Eazy," the rapper captioned her video, adding a #chanelwestcoast and #boatlife, plus a #miami. It hasn't just been Miami, though, with summer 2021 taking CWC all the way to Texas to perform. More photos after the video

Hitting Up Texas

Chanel West Coast on a yacht

On July 10, Chanel shared stage footage of a massive live performance, one taking her out to Texas. She told fans:

"We had #Texas goin bonkers! Full vlog up on TOMORROW #AUSTIN pool party! See y’all there! 😜🤘🏼." Of course, the "Bonkers" was no coincidence, with the word also forming a track on Chanel's debut album. The EP has been making waves since its October drop last year, with Chanel even opening up on why she picked the unusual America's Sweetheart name.

'America's Sweetheart' Explained

Speaking last year and of her album, Chanel revealed why she'd settled on the America's Sweetheart name, stating:

"I called this album America’s Sweetheart because it’s an oxymoron and contradicts the perception that many have of me," continuing: "I have flaws. I've made mistakes. I’ve benefitted from white privilege and I’ve had second chances in life that, unfortunately, many people have not received."

Chanel had, last year, also revealed producer backlash on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast - they told her to rap less and "sing more."