Jennifer Lawrence's Polka-Dot Dress Is Summer Perfection

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Rebecca Cukier

Jennifer Lawrence did not attend the Dior Fashion Show in Paris wearing matching sweats. The 30-year-old actress, whose style never falls short, proved effortlessly elegant as she rocked up to the iconic annual fashion event this year, kitted out head-to-toe in the brand whose fragrances she's long fronted. The Hunger Games star turned heads in the French capital as she donned a buttoned and belted polka-dot dress, one quickly making headlines as the blonde went old-school with an edgy shades finish.

Keeping It Glam

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Scroll for the photos. Lawrence, who has fronted Dior's Joy and Dior Addict fragrances alongside the luxury label's handbags, opted out of a leggy look, but the superstar actress managed to highlight her stunning figure as she rocked a white polka-dot dress with black accent detailing. The maxi number boasted a short-sleeved finish and "CD" logo belt, with Jennifer pairing her dress with pointed-toe and chic black court heels.

Wearing her hair down in beachy summer waves, Lawrence also sported a nude matte lip and minimal coverage foundation.


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Dior, which has been fronted by the likes of actresses Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis and now has supermodel Bella Hadid as its Dior Beauty face, tapped J-Law back in 2018 as it launched its Joy scent. Speaking to Harper's Bazaar about joining the Dior family, Jennifer stated:

"Christian [Dior] created his first perfume [in 1947] to make women feel happy, so it’s really etched in Dior’s make-up,” adding: “I feel now is the perfect time to bring something joyous and happy, and help celebrate women.” More photos below.

No Instagram Account

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Lawrence remains one of the few celebrities of her calibre to not be on Instagram, While the star is active on Twitter, her IG presence is blank, something she reflected on while joking about the "younger generation."

“The joke was on us – we thought social media was making them all dumber, and it turns out, they’re smarter because they’re all communicating and are more vocal.”

The Red Sparrow starlet, whose upcoming roles will see her in Bad Blood and Mob Girl, has also opened up on her style - specifically, feeling embarrassed over it.

Unsure Of Her Fashion Choices

Speaking on the Naked podcast, J-Law spoke of being in the public eye and seemingly not feeling "cool" enough.

"I’d get nervous before going to restaurants, or I felt like I couldn’t go to dive bars… I wanted to be normal and cool, so I just kind of hid that part of me [to Cooke] and everything ended up being fine. And I was like, ‘Oh, I can do this,'" she stated. As to cosmetics, it's "personal, not do anything for other people.”