James Franco's Appearance Sparks Concern Amix Sex Scandal

James Franco has sparked a wave of concern regarding a seemingly ballooning weight, this as the actor and filmmaker is spotted in his first public sighting since agreeing to pay out in his sexual misconduct lawsuit. The 43-year-old, accused of inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior by five women back in 2018, is now at the tail end of a class-action lawsuit, one seeing him agree to pay $2.235 million to settle a case brought forward by two of his former students. See the latest details below.

Agrees $2 Million+ Payout

James Franco in leather jacket
Gettyimages | Andrew H. Walker

Scroll for the photos. Franco, last year alleged by ex-students Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal to have coerced them into sexual situations without consent, was last month confirmed as paying out the $2.235 million in a settlement affording Tither-Kaplan $670,500 and Gaal $223,550 - this minus attorney fees.

On Monday, James was spotted taking a stroll in The Hamptons with girlfriend Isabel Pakzad, where photos showed him in shorts and grabbing essentials. While the actor's face was shielded via a covering, fans still found plenty to comment on.

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James Franco outdoors in shorts and mask

James, looking heavier-set than usual, wore dark cargo shorts, a blue tee with yellow print, plus comfy socks and sneakers. A baseball cap complete with the high-rise face covering rendered the California native just about recognizable. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, clad in a light denim jacket, baggy lilac sweatpants, plus a dark bag.

Photos published by The Daily Mail are now garnering comments - many about the True Story star's frame. Topping comments as they shamed him, a user wrote: "If that's him, he's packed the weight on."

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When one user asked what "happened" to Franco, another suggested an "emotional eating disorder" - "Sugar cravings," they added. Others didn't hold back as they called the disgraced Hollywood face "fat," with one fan asking if he'd been "stress eating."

In 2020, Franco denied allegations against him in court, ones the demurrer called "salacious," also "legally baseless and brought as a class action with the obvious goal of grabbing as much publicity as possible….” Franco is alleged to have "abused his position," alongside having "dangled opportunities for roles in films."

Reaching Settlement

The settlement sees the aforementioned females dropping their claims without prejudice. Franco also gets off without criminal charges. The actor is alleged to have persuaded female students to undress and/or get involved in sexually-charged stage scenes with a seeming promise of landing a role in return.

"Hey James Franco, now that you have a Golden Globe why don't you give speaking roles that don't require nudity in your upcoming films to the dozens of women who have done full nudity + sex scenes in your indie films and art projects?" Tither-Kalpan tweeted in 2018.

Franco has a reported net worth of $30 million.