Gymnast Nastia Liukin Prepares For Tokyo Olympics In Bikini

Gettyimages | Jonathan Leibson

Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin has her eye on Tokyo, and she's gearing up for the Olympics in swimwear. The 31-year-old five-time Olympic medalist may have been only 22 when she retired back in 2012, but her presence at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics will be marked - in fact, it already has been with gear-up photos. Posting for her 1 million Instagram followers, Nastia has been sharing beachy snaps as she counts down the final days on U.S. soil. Check it all out below.

Preparing For Tokyo


Scroll for the photos. Nastia, who has been busy with her APL shoe collab, first announced jetting out to Tokyo six days ago. Her post came from Charleston, SC, where three photos showed the Russian-born star soaking up the sun in a cute black-and-white bikini while on a local beach.

Nastia, a sun worshipper, was bronzing herself and looking blissfully happy as she showed off her famous figure, also including a little designer action via a Dior face shield seen next to her.

See The Snaps Below

The Volition partner, who recently expanded her skincare range from its $55 Celery Green Cream to a mask, wrote: "See you again soon, Charleston but for now, next stop: Tokyo."

Quick to follow was a Daisy Dukes snap of the 2008 all-around champion as she posed amid tall palms and sands, this time also showing off her tri-color footwear collab. "As I get ready to head to Tokyo in just a few days (!!!) it’s hard to contain my excitement," the caption opened.

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Liukin, who has been supporting 24-year-old gymnast Simone Biles through her recent U.S. Gymnastics Championships, added that this year's Olympic Games would be ones to "remember forever."

"My greatest passion has always been gymnastics—and my biggest dream since I was a little girl was to become an Olympic Gold Medalist just like my dad. Hard work, dedication, and lots of support got me there," Nastia continued. The star was raised by two Olympic gymnast parents. Keep scrolling for more photos below.

Instagram Loves Her

Nastia, whose followers aren't always easy-going and last year dragged the gymnast through an anorexia storm, were all for the snaps. "Go get em!" one fan replied, with another saying: "So awesome!"

A comment also came in from Nastia's trainer Kira Stokes, who recently co-hosted a group workout in Texas as part of the gymnast's new collab. "So fabulous! A legend doing legendary things," Kira wrote. Nastia also continues her legacy via the annual Nastia Cup, this year hosting its 12th event in Indiana.