WWE Rumors: Jinder Mahal-Drew McIntyre Feud Could Lead To Potential SummerSlam Faceoff

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Former WWE champion Jinder Mahal is recently involved in a feud with his close pal and former WWE ally Drew McIntyre. When he returned from a nine-month hiatus, the Modern Day Maharaja reunited with McIntyre in the ring, not as allies, but as wrestlers fighting for opposite sides. In the six-man tag team match that took place at the Superstar Spectacle in late January, Mahal fought alongside The Singh Brothers and suffered a loss at the hands of McIntyre and Indus Sher.

Six months after the event, rumors are circulating that there could be a brewing one-on-one fight between Mahal and McIntyre at SummerSlam.

Will Jinder Mahal-Drew McIntyre Fight Happen In This Year's SummerSlam?

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The idea of the potential fight between Mahal and McIntyre at SummerSlam was floated by Sportz Wiki. As Sportz Wiki noted, WWE may consider scheduling a Mahal-McIntyre SummerSlam faceoff if the Modern Day Maharaja appeared in the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match and cost McIntyre a victory.

"The feud has started before Money in the Bank ladder match and Drew McIntyre will be fighting to win the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, we can surely expect, Jinder will cost Drew his opportunity to win Money in the Bank ladder match," the report reads.

Jinder Mahal Steals Drew McIntyre's Precious Sword

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The relationship between Mahal and McIntyre started to become sour when the Modern Day Maharaja robbed one of his former 3MB running mate's most precious possessions. On the July 5 episode of Monday Night Raw, Mahal showed up for a match against McIntyre and ended up stealing his family sword called "Claymore."

The recent match between the two former members of 3MB ended via disqualification due to the interference of Mahal's sidekicks, Veer and Shanky. However, Mahal felt that he won the fight since he managed to steal "Claymore" from McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre's Revenge

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To further anger McIntyre, Mahal sarcastically apologized to him while showing his broken "Claymore." Unfortunately, it didn't seem to have any effect on McIntyre. The former WWE champion revealed that the sword that Mahal stole was a fake one, adding that the real "Claymore" is still in his possession.

Mahal's night didn't just end with an embarrassment. In a video posted on WWE's official Twitter account, McIntyre was featured at the backstage destroying various parts of Mahal's prized motorcycle before slamming it to the ground.

What's Jinder Mahal's Next Move?

As of now, WWE hasn't released official information on whether the fight between Mahal and McIntyre will really take place at SummerSlam or not. However, Mahal will surely not sit quietly after seeing his former 3MB running mate destroy his precious motorcycle.

The Modern Day Maharaja must be preparing for his next move and make sure that he's the one who would be getting the last laugh and not McIntyre. Aside from his possible appearance at Money in the Bank ladder match, some people think that Mahal could also reveal that McIntyre destroyed the wrong motorcycle.