Testosterone 101: What Every Man Should Know

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Jacob Highley

Testosterone is probably the most well-known hormone in the human body besides estrogen. (The female hormonal counterpart) Testosterone was discovered by Ernest Starling in 1935 after the hormone was isolated from bull testes.

The history of how testosterone has been isolated, tested, prepared and utilized, is fascinating. Although the British physiologist contributed a great deal to the study of testosterone and the body’s use of it, he was not the first to study the essential hormone.

In fact, some of the first instances of documented study were in 1786!

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Testosterone Explained!

Testosterone is the primary reason that men can acquire so much muscle mass, gain more body hair, and are generally so virile. There are other aspects to a man’s well being, sex-drive and athletic performance, but testosterone is definitely a big contributor.

Recently Esquire reached out to Dr. Faysal Yafi to find out why some men have more testosterone than others, how testosterone works, and how to generate more of it. Dr. Yafi’s input was incredibly insightful to say the least!

Sleep + Early Morning = More Testosterone?

Ironically, despite many people abhorring an early morning wakeup routine, being an early riser is one of the best ways to generate more testosterone!

“Testosterone follows the circadian—or basically the sleep—rhythm,” says Dr. Yafi. “Testosterone levels are highest in the early in the morning, between 7:00 and 10:00, and lowest in the evening.”

It is actually well-documented that testosterone levels are highest for men in the morning. This is why most tests designed to find deficiencies are conducted in the mornings. If there are low testosterone levels present, they are easier to identify when the body is supposed to be at its highest “T” levels.

Heightened Cognitive Ability

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Dr. Yafi continued by explaining how these early-morning testosterone levels can improve more than one’s energy levels, they can even improve one’s cognitive sharpness!

“The high levels early in the morning may be more conducive to better workouts and a bit more focus for many men—some more drive when someone’s trying to get things done.”

Although there is certainly a difference between feeling happy when waking up early, and begrudgingly getting up, it may surprise you to learn that only 17% out of a national wide survey were sleeping past 8am in 2015!

Diet + Early Mornings?

But now you’re probably wondering how 1 in 4 men over the age of 30 have low testosterone if most are getting up early right? (Via ABCNews)

Well, it may have something to do with people’s diet! Bel Marra Health published an article listing 19 different kinds of foods that reduce testosterone in men!

They continued by sharing how medical studies show a connection between low testosterone and a plethora of other physiological and mental issues in modern day:

“There’s a lot of literature suggesting an association between low testosterone and depression and other mood disorders, and even early onset memory loss and dementia,” says Dr. Yafi, “as well as what we call a foggy brain—difficulty concentrating and getting motivated.”

Today, diet, sleep, and good early morning routine are becoming common place concepts around the world! Even famous Marvel actor Tom Holland (Spiderman) uses diet and fitness secrets to get shredded! Scroll down to read that story!