Rumer Willis Defends 'Skinny' Bikini Photos With Eating Abnormality


Rebecca Cukier

Demi Moore's daughter Rumer Willis is clapping back at hateful comments, this as she goes viral for filling her Instagram with red-hot and summer-ready bikini photos. The 32-year-old Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress has been making headlines alongside her 58-year-old mother and two sisters for stripping down to swimwear while promoting Andie Swim - the brand was cherry-picked by actress Demi on the investment front this year, with the promo bringing all four ladies in the merch. Not without a storm, though.

Stuns In New Swim Campaign


Scroll for the photos. Andie Swim has been featuring Demi's three daughters Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout with their famous mother, although solo photos were the vibe mid-week as Rumer shared outdoor bikini snaps for her 891,000 followers.

On Wednesday, Rumer updated amid lawns and overlooking ocean waters as she briefly ducked out of the Andie promo - here, the brunette was rocking a pastel purple-and-white bikini from Australian label Two Wolves Swimwear. "My new favorite place," the actress wrote while peeping her tattoos.

See The Storm Below

Quick to follow was a lounge-around as Rumer rocked a retro and pin-up-style green bikini, going high-waisted and super strappy. She sat backed by a wall and skies, tagging Fisch Swim and delivering a fruit emoji caption while posing in shades. Here's where a fan told her:

"I look at girls who are actually full of life and not "Hollywood" and they don't suck their stomach in when taking pictures and they're full of happiness." The user then claimed that Rumer looks "sad."

Says She's Trying To 'Prove' Skinniness


Continuing, the fan said it was as if Rumer was "trying to prove to everyone that you can be skinny even though you eat chili cheese fries in secret and scarf down cookies and milk." They told the actress to "stop trying to be someone you're not."

Rumer, who made May 2021 headlines for defending a lingerie shoot on her Instagram, has now fired back, and she opened with a shocked "wow." Saying the user was "spewing a lot of negativity," Rumer reminded the fan that they were writing about someone they "don't know."

Reveals Health Issue

The Kentucky native continued: "I'm so sorry for you that you must be in so much pain to write such unkind things about me. I am happier than I have ever been and honestly for the first time in my life letting go of the need for my body to look a certain way."

Willis did take a moment to address her health amid the "skinny" allegation. "I also struggle with auto immune issues," she wrote, adding that it's taken her "years to eat anything without it being extremely painful."