Carrie Underwood Stretches In Spandex With Exciting News

Carrie Underwood smiles close up

Carrie Underwood is stretching her rock-hard body as she delivers an exciting update. The 38-year-old country singer and Fit52 app founder yesterday popped up on her app's Instagram, with fans of the savvy fitness software getting encouraging news. Carrie, who founded the app last year as she launched her March 2020-released Find Your Path book, was letting fans know that Fit52 has a new update, one that includes no less than 50 "new warmups," plus a mouth-watering recipes list. See the photo and news below.

Exciting Fit52 Update

Carrie Underwood gym selfie in shorts

Scroll for the photo. Fit52, dubbed weirdly addictive by early downloaders, is based on a deck of 52 cards - also, the concept that the overall effort is more important than the individual workout, which Carrie claims shouldn't be perfect every time.

The "Southbound" singer, who regularly features in Fit52 promos, had been photographed confidently smiling as she stretched her upper body by windows and in a cute back-knotted and pastel pink workout tank, plus skin-tight and dark leggings - both from her CALIA by Carrie range.

See The Photo Below

The American Idol winner, with her blonde hair scraped back and showing off both her sculpted muscles and golden tan, highlighted her slender waist and the results of her workouts, ones that follow Fit52's exercises and regularly include husband Mike Fisher.

"Have you heard? The latest app update is here," the caption read, continuing: "Inside you’ll find: 50+ new warmups, cool-downs and exercises suitable for every fitness level!"

Also included is a "collection of easy-to-make recipes from Carrie & the fit52 community," plus an "all-new favorite feature" permitting a friend follow. More photos after the snap.

Three Guesses Who Fans Are Following

Carrie Underwood indoor tank top selfie

The post has brought in a fan response, and a die-hard one. Users are now claiming they'll be following the singer herself, with one saying: "@carrieunderwood was my first follow!"

Fit52, co-created with Carrie's trainer Eve Overland, boasts 86,000 Instagram followers and comes with 14-day, no obligation trial, one this year extended to 30 days. It also offers quick "Flash Fits" exercises targeting one specific area - these can be completed in under 15 minutes as Carrie and her brand cater to the time-strapped individual.

Great Promo For CALIA

Underwood is fast approaching mogul status with her 2015-founded CALIA brand, one that ranked third after Nike and Under Armour at Dick's Sporting Goods in 2016. The singer's trendy gym and lifestyle apparel has been slammed for its relatively high prices, but buyers claim it's of superior quality and worth the $$$.

Carrie is also known for being kitted out head-to-toe in her merch on her Instagram and in Fit52 promos - she has, however, had to explain how CALIA is pronounced.