Donald Trump Says Melania 'Is Low-Key, But Not actually Low-key, But She's Low-Key'

Former President Donald Trump, former first lady Melania Trump walk together.
Gettyimages | Sarah Silbiger
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Former President Donald Trump discussed in an interview on Friday former first lady Melania Trump's reluctance to appear in public since leaving the White House.

Speaking with Newsmax, Trump said that Melania is "very confident" and clamed that the American people "love her."

"It's very funny. She's a very confident person," the former commander-in-chief said of his wife.

"She was very successful as a model. She was very, very successful. And she is low-key, but not actually low-key, but she's low-key and the people love her."

Ohio Rally

On Saturday, Trump will hold his first rally since January 6. The former president will pay a visit to Ohio, to express support for GOP House candidate Max Miller, who is running against incumbent Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez.

Trump told Newsmax that he expects the crowd in Ohio to express support for Melania.

"They already have them lined up, we're going to have big crowds tomorrow night. And when I go there, there will be many, many signs: ‘We love our first lady, we love our first [lady],’" he said.

Melania's High Heels

Former first lady Melania Trump, former President Donald Trump walk outside the White House.
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Trump recalled how the media criticized Melania for wearing high heels when she and Trump went to Texas to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

The former president said his wife always felt "an obligation to be beautifully dressed representing the people of our country, so she walked into the plane wearing, you know, we're looking great."

"And she got hammered for going to a hurricane that way, you know, etcetera, etcetera, and the high heels became a big thing," he explained on Wake Up America.

Melania's Rose Garden Redesign 

Melania was also slammed for her redesign of the Rose Garden at the White House. As The Los Angeles Times reported, critics slammed the then-first lady and compared her to Marie Antoinette.

Trump discussed this on Friday, telling Newsmax that his wife was criticized by the press after doing "such a beautiful job around the White House and with the Rose Garden, she rebuilt the Rose Garden, which was actually a much more difficult thing that it sounds, and it's now good for another 50 years."

Trump Family

Some members of the former first family have reportedly decided to distance themselves from Trump, who remains focused on proving that the 2020 presidential election was rife with widespread voter fraud.

The former president's daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner have allegedly decided to steer clear of politics and would prefer to stay out of the spotlight, at least for now.

Trump, meanwhile, is reportedly jealous of the attention Kushner is guaranteed to receive, because he recently secured a seven-figure book deal with Broadside Books, the conservative branch of HarperCollins.