'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava's Ready To Break, Dante Has A Lead

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The latest General Hospital spoilers promise action on many fronts during the week of June 21. Not only will Finn scramble to save Chase, but the latest Twitter sneak peek revealed juicy tidbits about Ava and Nikolas ahead, as well as a few others. 

Ava and Nikolas left Wyndemere and relocated to a hotel due to the creepy incidents that had sped up in recent days. However, General Hospital spoilers from an ABC sneak peek indicate their bliss there won't last long.

Another Threat Rattles Ava

During Monday's show, Avery will show Ava and Nikolas a surprise. The couple will be talking about how relieved they are to be at the hotel, but their attitude changes with this Avery appearance.

Avery will show them a stuffed bear she got and tell them it says something. This will come as a surprise to Ava and Nikolas, and their surprise turns to fear when Avery plays it. It's Ryan's voice saying he cannot wait until they are a family.

Ready To Give Up

The General Hospital preview for the week shows Ava standing at the door of the hotel room looking back at her husband. She'll admit, "I can't do this anymore, Nikolas," and he'll look as if he's been crying. 

Will Ava walk away from Nikolas to try to end these messages? It's clearly been made to look as if it's Ryan terrorizing her, but General Hospital viewers have other thoughts. Perhaps the most common suspicion is that it's Spencer behind all of this. 

Dante's Still Digging

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Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 21 hint Dante will make progress in his search for Louise. As viewers saw last week, he searched through the woods where Maxie had been and found where the fake nurse fell. 

The General Hospital sneak peek shows Dante telling Sam that they found something that might lead them to Louise. Sam appears to be increasingly suspicious of Maxie and her version of what happened that day in the woods.

Anna Has A Hunch

The sneak peek also shows Maxie getting upset over something on her phone. How long can she hide the truth of what she did with her baby?

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Anna will talk with Valentin about Peter. She quizzed Elizabeth about getting to the GH sub-basement, and it seems she may stay focused on that. If she finds Peter's body, that will certainly cause major chaos. There's something for everyone this week and it should be a wild ride.