Elizabeth Hurley's Flirty Home Swimwear Look Means Business

Elizabeth Hurley close up
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

Elizabeth Hurley is wearing little more than bikini bottoms and a rather open kaftan-style jacket to ensure sales of her 2005-founded Elizabeth Hurley Beach brand keep going over Father's Day weekend. The 56-year-old model and actress today gave a giant nod to staying home, making it a "staycation" for her 2 million Instagram followers and very much giving them something to look at. Posting Sunday and in a show-stopping photo, the blue-eyed beauty stunned her fans, but there was more than just the figure. Check it out below.

'Staycation' Still Business

Elizabeth Hurley seated in pantsuit

Scroll for the photo. Elizabeth, who recently made headlines for rolling around grass while in Daisy Dukes as she turned 56, was once again defying her age in a snap that most would say put her at 40 - at the most. The Austin Powers star braved quite the cleavage display, posing against a white wall and in striped white bikini bottoms, pairing them with an elegant block print kaftan and seemingly needing little else.

"Having my own staycation...in my own home," Liz wrote.

See The Photo Below

Hurley, who has been running her swimwear brand since before the Kardashians were even famous, might not be shifting it SKIMS style, but the British beauty seems to be selling them nicely - she tagged Elizabeth Hurley Beach, a brand that caters to girls as young as 13.

Hurley's "home" is her Herefordshire, U.K. mansion, a property featuring heavily over the pandemic as Liz updates with her 47 jars of quarantine marmalade, but she has just ventured out - and it was a look.

Scroll For Her Night To The Ballet

Elizabeth Hurley in plunging dress

Hurley, who has been revisiting her 13-year long romance with actor Hugh Grant on PEOPLE in the '90s podcast, has also been making headlines for venturing out of her lock-down location, recently attending London's Royal Albert Hall for a ballet night out in a sizzling black dress. 

Liz announced that she was going out for the "first time in 14 months." The model had been making headlines for her imaginary pandemic vacations, ones bringing throwback snaps and acting as top-notch brand promo. More photos below.

Grateful Health Update

On May 20, and with her post-vaccine badge, Liz proudly updated to thank the National Health Service in the U.K., writing:

"Thank you to the NHS for my second Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine. I am very grateful. Thank you to all the courageous NHS workers who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe. All my family in my age group and older are now double vaccinated."

Liz has been hunkered down with vulnerable individuals, even revealing she's been too afraid to grab essentials for fear of infecting those she's in quarantine with.