Addison Rae Lifts Up Her Pants For 'Sunday Funday'

Addison Rae smiles close up
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Addison Rae is lifting up her jeans to show that "no caption" is needed. The 20-year-old TikTok superstar and "Obsessed" singer 100% proved why she's a social media sensation on Sunday, posting on Instagram and for her 38.4 million followers - it isn't just the photos that have fans hitting subscribe. Earlier today, the blonde sent out an edgy denim look that big-time channeled '90s trends, with a pair of statement socks seeming to be the focal point as "Sunday Funday" got a mention. Check it out below.

'Sunday Funday' Time

Addison Rae car selfie

Scroll for the photos. Addison, who has caught the eye on Instagram from her banana chomping to her bikinis this year, posted sun-drenched snaps from a brick outdoor path, one framed by greenery and seeing the dancer posing all raised leg as she stood by a green garden chair.

Wearing super high-waisted and drawstring jeans, plus a strapless black busiter highlighting her killer figure, Addison jacked up her leg and showed her "SUNDAY FUNDAY" socks, also sporting chunky black DMs boots and shades.

Not Just Outdoor

Keep scrolling for the photos, ones that drove fans to swipe as Rae then returned for an indoor living room selfie while crouching down in the same look and once again highlighting the socks by lifting her jeans.

"No caption. The socks say it all," she wrote for a total 500,000+ likes in just two hours. "Can I have a pair?" a fan quickly asked. 

The post comes shortly after Rae squatted down in cowboy boots amid outdoor boulders to once again surprise fans. Scroll for both snaps.

See Her Cowgirl Look Below

Addison, who knows a thing or two about social media engagement, had written: "Literally can't stop smiling except for the 3rd picture," and her post has since garnered major celebrity approval. The BFF to 42-year-old Poosh founder Kourtney Kardashian got the obligatory E! star's like, but she likewise raked them in from 30-year-old Netflix star Jamie Lynn Spears, actress Millie Bobby Brown, plus YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

Addison has been busy, and not just hanging around Kardashian mansions with new vegan Kourtney. More photos below.

Running Item Beauty

Addison Rae near rocks in boots

2020 brought the launch of Item Beauty, Addison's cosmetics range. Speaking of the vegan and cruelty-free line, Addison told Elle: "I've tested the products and put a lot of thought into what I love and what my audience would use and just brought a fresh perspective to clean beauty."

Rae also spoke of her beauty icons, name-dropping Morphe face James Charles, plus the Kardashians. "So I love James Charles. He's a good friend of mine. He's great. I love the Kardashians. They're amazing," she added.