JoJo Shows Off Realistic Bluebird Tattoo While Sunbathing

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt

Treva Bowdoin

JoJo Levesque gave her Instagram followers a clear view of the photorealistic bluebird tattoo on her upper left arm, and she explained why the ink is so meaningful to her. The "Too Little Too Late" singer snapped a selfie while sunbathing, and her pic captured another tattoo in her collection. It was an older piece, and its meaning wasn't quite as deep. 

Keep on reading to learn more about The Masked Singer star's body art, and check out her two wildly different tats below.

JoJo Shades Herself

JoJo had to raise up one of her hands to shield her eyes from the bright sun while basking in its warmth. This revealed the bluebird in flight on her inner arm. She revealed that it pays tribute to a family member and serves as a reminder to count her blessings. 

"The bluebird on my arm reminds me of the glass figurine my mom had of the 'blue bird of happiness' which was meant to keep depression away and remind us to smile and be grateful," she wrote. 

The Other Visible Ink

JoJo also mentioned the all-black piece located near her bikini line on the top of her right thigh. It's a wavy music staff with music notes, a treble clef, and the words "love & music" written in cursive script. She revealed that she got the tattoo when she was young, and it doesn't seem to be one of her favorite pieces. 

"The tattoo by my kitty of 'love and music' surrounded by a distorted scale reminds me of strange decisions I’ve made over the years such as that thotty tattoo at 18," she quipped. 

JoJo's Tattoo Connection To 'The Masked Singer'

JoJo's love of birds didn't just play a role in one of her less regrettable tattoo choices. She mentioned her bluebird tat while speaking to Entertainment Weekly about her decision to sign on for The Masked Singer. She said that she's fond of birds in general, so she knew that she wanted to wear a costume based on her favorite winged creatures. She ended up performing as the black swan. She made it to the finale, where she finished in second place. 

"She's so stunning and rare and mysterious and powerful, all things that I want to embody," JoJo said of the black swan. 

Why JoJo's Swimsuit Might Look Familiar

In her sunbathing pic, JoJo had on a cheetah-print swimsuit and a gold body chain. If her swimwear seemed familiar to some fans, it might be because she was rocking the same one-piece last August in an Instagram Live video. However, she wore a pair of basketball shorts over it. 

In the video, JoJo mentioned the treble clef tattoo on her left ring finger. She said that she got it when she was 17 and that it's supposed to mean that she's "married to music."  

"It's so corny now at this point, but it's still true," she said.